Meet the strongest female warrior teresa from 2007 shounen anime Claymore

The no.1 Claymore in the 77th generation, unbeatable and in the possession of abilities beyond everyone else’s, she is Teresa. Half-Yoma, created to exterminate a shape-shifting monster, known as Yoma, hunting humans. She is popularly known as ‘Teresa of the faint smile’ as she eradicates the monsters with a graceful smile (more like a smirk) like a war-machine with pleasure.

Her name Teresa means Twin Goddess. The two pairs of wings in her awakened form (one of many Claymore’s features) are reminiscent of her name. In her awakened form she can shape-shift at high-speed all thanks to her exposed amplified muscles. Taking the fact into consideration that she never exceeded 10% usage of her power at any time, it can be coined that she was the strongest claymore of any generation.

She is regarded as the most powerful character in the series for her unparalleled combat ability, Yoki-perception, and Yoki-reserve. Among other claymores her Yoki-sensing was the finest thus, she was able to perform regeneration outshining every other claymore. Her extraordinarily accurate Yoki-sensing ability helped her to determine the strength, speed, and direction of a strike before it was initiated.


As a trainee, she tracked down Rafaela who had erased her Yoki-aura. Her sensory ability was superior to others and helped her become virtually invisible. Her combat skills were unlike others, it could adapt to any circumstances and generate strategies required. She could potentially mimic any fighting style all thanks to Yoki-agility. When she reincarnates through Clare, she not only mimicked their style rather improved the destructive power of the basic ability.

Teresa never bothered to use her actual strength as demonstrated in combat against Rosemary. She used every possible physical component in her fighting style even witnessed in her last fight with Priscilla. With only 10% of her power, she was able to surpass Abyssal One (the strongest ever created).

She appears dispassionate about her humanity, emotionally dead, as she finds no gain in fancy living or food (her unique metabolism helped her work even without food), her motive is to mercilessly slaughter her enemies and accept any assignment without complaint and finds pleasure in scaring humans.

Teresa and Clare

Her cold personality did change after meeting Clare (the main protagonist of the anime). Teresa believed that her days were full of happiness due to Clare. “This little girl, who’s not even half y size…..taught me that tears can flow even from these silver eyes”. It was Clare that brought the best out of her.


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