Michael Dell Optimistic to Work with Intel CEO as Dell Servers Inroads with AMD, Nvidia

Michael Dell Optimistic with New Intel CEO

It is seen that Dell seems to be a bit comfortable to use non-Intel chips inside some of its servers for the first time which includes chips from AMD and Nvidia. But Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, seems to be optimistic about working hand in hand with the new CEO of Intel, Pat Gelsinger. 

Dell Technologies has been on the leader board in terms of market shares in the field of servers with the help of Intel processors inside the hardware. But Dell seems to be somewhat upset as they switched to chips from Intel rivals Nvidia and AMD. 

Dell Opting for AMD and Nvidia 

This was seen during Dell’s market-leading hyper-converged system, VxRail began to leverage a non-Intel chip with the launch of Dell’s new VxRail E-Series which had AMD EPYC processors in it. This was justified by executives as a move to create more choice and flexibility for customers. And not only here, but Dell also started to leverage AMD ERYC processors in its PowerEdge R6525 1U dual-socket server.

Michael Dell

And Dell technologies were giving support for Nvidia as they stated in June that they are receiving broad support from Dell technologies for its new A100 data center GPU. And in January it was declared by Nvidia that Dell’s EMC PowerEdge R7525 server is powered with its AI-focussed GPU. 

Michael Dell Tweet

But Dell ensured that it wishes to work with Intel in the future too as Michael Dell tweeted to Gelsinger by reaffirming the company’s longstanding commitment to Intel and looks to work further with his new role as CEO.

This is something different in the past 12 months as Dell switching to technologies from AMD and Nvidia as Intel has been the main provider of processors for Dell Servers and PCs for decades. But with this tweet seems that Dell is optimistic to work with Intel. This can be said so as Michael Dell and Gelsinger share a tight relationship and is even rumored that they spoke nearly daily when Gelsinger was CEO of VMware from 2012 till this month. This is so because Dell has majority shares of VMware and Michael is chairman of VMware. 

Dell technologies have been trusting Intel for so long and so is the market as Intel owns 90% of the market in the server CPU market. Although Intel has been facing tough completion from AMD as it is slowly pacing its scales. 

AMD Market Share Rise

According to the reports of the third quarter of 2020 for server market share stated that worldwide revenues for AMD CPU running servers were up by 112% while the ARM-based server revenues grew 430% year over year. 

Sale Executives cleared that switching to chips from Intel’s rival was a step to settle demand from customers regarding non-Intel offering on Dell solutions for years. It showed a great benefit for the company as it provided customers more choices with new features and innovations in technology. This helps them secure a greater number of customer deals. 

Michael Dell and Pat Gelsinger
Gelsinger and Michael Dell

Executive quoted Michael Dell and Gelsinger as co-CEOs for years as VMware is a very important company for Dell Technologies. Based on this relationship, Dell foresees to continue using Intel more than their competitors. 

Intel to Head to Leader board

While Gelsinger taking his position as CEO of Intel will like to retain the name of Intel as the unquestioned leader in processor technology regardless of the increasing completion from AMD, Nvidia, and other such companies opting for newer technologies. He seems too optimistic as hoping for the good old days of Intel. 


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