On June 23 mixer announced that they’ll be ceasing their operations completely. Microsoft’s answer to twitch and the company which signed exclusive multi million deals with Ninja and Shroud is no more.

And they’re sending all their users over to Facebook Gaming.

So how does this all happened and what’s next for Shroud and Ninja. The platform that was finally supposed to compete Twitch over the monopoly over video game streaming is no more.

And the internet was shocked !

This is what mixer posted with announcement :

Mixer's twitter announcement about it merge with Facebook Gaming

Now the question rises what happens to Shroud and Ninja ?  What happens to those Mixer partners who rely on this platform for income ? And the most important , Who uses Facebook Gaming ?

Let’s go back to when it all started in August 2019, Ninja was at the peak of his career he was bringing live stream and Fortnite into the mainstream in a huge way, the guy was streaming with Travis Scott and Drake.

And on that day he made a big move and signed an exclusive deal with Mixer to move from Twitch and broke the internet.This meant that you have to now no longer rely on subscribers and donations you can just sign a deal and get paid for streaming just like athletes and movie stars. Then Shroud moved to Mixer. So on many streamers signed deals with Twitch, YouTube, Facebook.

The Aftermath

Both Ninja and Shroud saw significant decreases in viewership, but why would they care if they are getting paychecks they don’t have to grind for viewers anymore. Mixer didn’t become the norm for the people who are into gaming. Then COVID-19 happened and the plans Mixer had for their brand with their two star accusation started to fall.

In less than a month Mixer will be dead and standing in its place is Facebook gaming and with this move Facebook Gaming can become a rival to Twitch that we all thought mixer would be.

What happens to Shroud and Ninja ?

You won’t be seeing Ninja or Shroud on Facebook Gaming as of because on Monday afternoon slasher an esports news breaking personality tweeted this

slasher's tweet

It took them few hours to finally make an official statement

When the dust settles we might see Ninja and Shrou back on twitch where it all started.

What happens to those Mixer partners who rely on this platform for income ?

As far as the hundreds of streamers partnered with Mixer they say they’re going to have the opportunity of moving to facebook gaming with their partner status.This is what they said to the streamers.

Mixer's tweet about the partners

This thing is really gonna hit hard on the streamers who recently got approved for partner programs as they have a small fan base. Though it is really hard to build a viewership on streaming platforms and even harder to make the viewers stay. And redirecting those viewers to a different URL is probably the hardest.

Who uses Facebook Gaming ?

One of the most under representative parts of this partnership is how aggressive of a move it is by Facebook and how they got all the mixer users at a pretty reasonable price. It shows that Facebook is here to stay. Facebook has got more funds to spend on video platform than Microsoft.

The Technology

The technology used in Mixer in which it beat Twitch, it’s delay’s weren’t as long and it looked better. It’s all gonna stay at Microsoft. Microsoft might use this technology in video calls, live presentation or maybe live meeting apps.

So there you have it the platform hailed as the competitor of Twitch is no more and another platform is rising up. Some of the biggest names in gaming are free agents. My take on this is Shroud might go back to Twitch and about ninja he’ll be more working on YouTube obviously guy got 23.7 M subscribers as of now.



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