'Money Heist' Part 5: Bella Ciao, Tokyo

We’re now at the last episode of volume 1 of the 5th part of Alex Pina’s Lacasa De Papel, or Money Heist. The next and final volume of this Netflix original series will air on December 3rd, 2021.

Money Heist Part 5: Story So Far

Until now, we have seen that the Professor’s gang is amidst a heist they are executing in the Bank of Spain which was undertaken to rescue Rio. A military unit of eight, which includes Gandia, under the command of Major Sagasta has entered the Bank via the roof. A major crossfire has ensued in which Tokyo, Manila and Denver are cornered by the army and have taken shelter in the kitchen. Rio, Bogota and Palermo manage to save Helsinki, who was trapped under a marble statue as a result of explosions created by the army.

Stockholm, who has shot Arturo Roman in the head, is now under immense guilt of committing murder and is also worried about the future of her son, Cincinnati, as she has now lost all hope that she or her husband Denver will be successfully able to escape.

A heavily pregnant Inspector Alicia Sierra, who was disgraced and dethroned by Colonel Tamayo, had captured the Professor and his associates, Marsielle and Benjamin. However, she goes into labour and had to release them to be able to successfully give birth to her breech baby with their assistance.

Money Heist Part 5 Episode 5 Review (Spolier Alert!)

The fifth episode of Money Heist Part 5 titled “Live Many Lives,” starts with a flashback of Tokyo’s past life. Silene reminisces about Rene asking her to name a city she wants to vacation in and promises to take her, and she gives Tokyo the answer. They decide to rob some banks but Rene is killed during one of the robberies. Tokyo manages to survive and flee.

Berlin and Professor see the news report of this robbery and Berlin suggests that they should recruit Tokyo in their plan for the heist of the Royal Mint of Spain. The Professor initially disagrees but changes his mind on Berlin’s assistance. Professor meets Tokyo and takes him to his safe house and tries to persuade her into joining the heist. Initially, Tokyo is sceptical but eventually agrees. After a few days, when the whole gang is assembled, Tokyo and Rio share a dance.

In the present, Tokyo, Denver, and Manila use the stovetop to create a barrier between themselves and the army. Professor and the rest of the gang are working towards breaking the safety door. Tokyo provokes Gandia who disobeys Sagasta resulting in many of the officers getting injured. Manila questions Denver if he really loves Stockholm and if he is happy with her in his life after all this time.

She is not easily convinced when Denver stands on his love for Stockholm. The shooters outside the Bank tell Sagasta that they have good visibility of the pantry, and Sagasta makes a noise on the other side of the pantry making Denver and Tokyo go there and Tokyo gets shot multiple times on her limbs.

Stockholm tends to Helsinki but is still hallucinating and seeing Arturo. Helsinki tries to comfort her and asks for Morphine for pain. Stockholm, panic-stricken and not completely in her senses, injects herself with it. While drugged, she discovers a service lift that connects the kitchen to the Governor’s office but is six floors down.

Money Heist Bella Ciao, Tokyo

An injured Tokyo can’t climb down the rope and asks Denver and Manila to go down and asks them to soften the landing with pillows and cushions. They do the same but Gandia, Sagasta and other army members enter the kitchen and Tokyo is unable to escape.

Rio, who is drilling the ceiling of the room just below the kitchen to reach Tokyo’s group, manages to make a small enough hole to talk to her but she still can’t jump through it.

Tokyo and the army open fire at each other in which she is shot multiple times and passes out. When Gandia goes towards her to shoot her and finally kill her, the grenades she was equipped with explode her killing herself, Gandia and presumably the other officers.

Well, this episode was just…WOW. One of the downsides is that we have to wait another three months for the next one.
Many people may think that Stockholm was disappointing in this episode but Esther did a great job here. Stockholm is guilt-stricken, worried about her son, worried about her husband and friends who are trapped with the army, and is in a situation where anyone would panic.

It wasn’t clear if her injecting herself was intentional or not (I would go towards unintentional because she would have tended to Helsinki first in this situation) but she was drugged and even then, she found a way which could save Tokyo, Denver and Manila. Her character is so underrated in my honest opinion but in this part, she did a great job.

The five-minute segment in which Alicia names her daughter was wholesome and a great relief from seeing all the gunfires and grenades. She names her Victoria because she will be victorious. Alicia is seemingly and rightfully insecure about her current situation and goes to the washroom and hides a pair of scissors up to her sleeves but hasn’t done anything with it yet. Another relieving little segment was Benjamin and Marsielle’s argument about the latter bringing the stuff for the baby all in the colour pink.

Tokyo’s death was….sad. She is the main character and the narrator of the show. But this episode did work up towards her death since the start. The very first scene of this episode was Rene’s death and Tokyo fleeing the scene. All the flashback scenes work up towards Tokyo joining the heist and meeting Rio for the first time.

She mentions in between Denver and Manila’s argument about ‘love’ that everyone has their own multitudes. She also mentions that we fall in love exactly once in a life, but we can have many lives. The scene of Rio and Tokyo dancing in Toledo hinted towards her past life-ending and her new life starting, in which she falls in love with Rio. When talking with Rio through the drilled hole, she tells him that his new life is about to begin.

The only slightly good thing about Tokyo’s death is the satisfaction of seeing Gandia’s face when he realised that the grenades are activated. Tokyo died but took Gandia with him, finally avenging Nairobi.

I can’t wait to see the final volume of Money Heist Part 5 which will air on 3rd December 2021. Expectations are high, so are fan theories.


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