Mortal Kombat Universe to Get as big as MCU! - Craffic

After becoming a major hit, WB is now seeing the Mortal Kombat franchise as another money-making machine for themselves and is thinking about expanding and taking this Universe to a next level.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe is the creation of Midway Game and is a gaming crossover fighting video game between the fictional universe of Mortal Kombat and DC comics. Although R-rated blockbuster Mortal Kombat 2021 is a film based on this video game franchise and has almost spent 9 years before making it.

Why Warner Bros. wants to expand it??

And now it is being reported that they are ready to get as big as the MCU universe but why? So the reason might be that its last two titles namely Mortal Kombat X and 11 were super hits and the recent one is also on the path to success. According to the insider Daniel Richtman, WB executives are saying that “Mortal Kombat is ready and capable for the new cinematic universe.”

What’s stopping it till now??

The fans already know that this is R-rated which may be the reason to stop from being as large as the MCU universe. But, Scrotum-belaboring Star Johnny Cage seems like a lock, and writer Greg Ruso may have given a clue through this that it’s time to explore more of Liu Kang’s Shaolin monks and Sonya and Jax’s special forces team.

Till the time, let’s hope to get some confirmation soon. And don’t forget to comment below about what you think about this and additionally which characters ill be getting own spinoffs.



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