Nezuko Kamado: Our 'Beloved Half-Demon' from Demon Slayer

Half-demon Half-human girl Nezuko Kamado may be the deuteragonist in the hyped Demon Slayer series, but she is substantially more of a charmer than her brother Tanjiro. She is the famous Nezuko from the ‘Smol Nezuko’ meme. Her caring nature, hefty kicks, noteworthy fangs, pastel pink eyes, and a strong sense of duty for protecting others make her an icon in the Demon Slayer universe.

Nezuko’s Tragic Backstory

Nezuko Kamado started out as a regular human girl who took care of her younger siblings but, everything changed when her family got attacked and eventually slaughtered by a demon. Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado were the only survivors from the Kamado family. Long story short she became a demon however, unlike most of the demons she learned to control her bloodthirst.

Bright Nezuko Kamado

Tanjiro is doing this whole ‘demon slaying’ thing for a drive to make the world a better place. These motivations would have been worthless if he didn’t have Nezuko by his side. There is a surprising nuance in how the demons are written in the story with almost every demon is shown to have some pain buried deep within them (but never excuses their heinous actions).

Tanjiro’s compassion for these monsters is because of his connection with his half-demon and half-human sister, Nezuko. Thus, Tanjiro is able to see the humanity inside the demons and find ways to comfort them in their final moments.

Nezuko Kamado: Our 'Beloved Half-Demon' from Demon Slayer

Protector Nezuko Kamado

After Nezuko Kamado’s transformation, she seems to have lost a good chunk of her memory implying she hasn’t recovered her exact nature however, she still has got a strong urge of protecting others. She even refuses to devour humans even in extreme conditions. Technically Tanjiro is the older brother but with Nezuko’s power he can trust her to handle things on her own, so she is a reliable companion and she has a strong sense of duty for protecting human beings.

Instead of human flesh, she uses sleep to revitalize her resources. Her demonic state pink eyes instead of those red eyes she had when she was a demon tells that behind the beast that she has become, Nezuko’s human side is still there.

Fierce Nezuko and Fighting Potential

Demon blood has bestowed Nezuko with great fighting skills. She is not any porcelain doll that needs to be cased and protected, instead, she is a fabulous comrade. The expertise she has displayed can cover remarkable strength, shrinkable scale, adaptability to any scenario, regeneration, and tremendous skill growth.

She advances in every fight and gratifies the viewers with the latest set of skills. Her potency and adorable character design have sculptured her into one of the most likable characters in the Demon Slayer franchise.

Nezuko Kamado: The Chosen Demon

Obviously for the first time when she tried to protect Tanjiro, soon after she got transformed, she was no match for the Hashira Giyu who effortlessly took her out without much trouble however, she grew stronger as the series progressed. Then she helped Tanjiro fight the Swamp demon. While Tanjiro jumped into the swamp world, she saved the children there. If not for her Tanjiro would not have been able to protect the children from the demon clones.

Nezuko Kamado: Our 'Beloved Half-Demon' from Demon Slayer

While their fight against the Arrow demon and the Temari demon she ended up getting strong enough so that she could kick the heavy balls back. In Tanjiro’s fight with Rui, Nezuko used her body as a shield to protect her brother and after the bloody mess at last she unlocked her blood demon art, the blood burst which causes her blood to explode.

She goes on saving Tanjiro time after time. Nezuko Kamado really shines when she is fighting alongside Tanjiro, she is consistently saving him, helping him unlock new powers, and perfectly complementing him in any way he needs. Together they make really formidable team. Later Muzan also refers to her as ‘Chosen Demon’.

Demon Slayer: The Premise

The premise for this battle shonen will sound kind of simplistic and straightforward but, it has taken the basic foundation and executed it really well with its own twist. The basic premise revolves around this guy Tanjiro who comes home one day to find that his entire family has been slaughtered by demons.

The only survivor is his little sister (Nezuko Kamado) who herself has been turned into a blood-thirsty demon and so begins his journey to become a demon slayer in order to find a cure for his little sister and protect others from the same tragedy that has befallen him. Ufotable Studios has managed to take a solid story for a solid manga and elevated that to give absolutely breathtaking moments. It not only has great animation but, it’s also perfectly stylized.


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