ODDTAXI Blu-ray Release passes 1,000 pre-orders will ship in March 2022

Recently the official Twitter account of the anime announced that they’ve surpassed 1,000 pre-orders for the ODDTAXI Blu-ray release. Each box will cost 27,500 yen (about $249) and will begin shipping sometime in March 2022.

Initially, there was no plan for the ODDTAXI Blu-ray release as the demand for DVD and Blu-ray has declined across the whole anime industry. But upon receiving multiple requests from fans, Project ODD TAXI was launched to see fan’s interest and it was decided that only after 300 preorders, Blu-ray will be released. Each box will cost 27,500 yen (about $249) and orders will be taken till September 30th, 2021 with shipping scheduled for March 2022. After surpassing 900 orders at the end of July, orders from abroad were also started, reports Crunchyroll.

There are various bonus items upon achieving various pre-order goals. Fans so far will receive ODDTAXI Original Soundtrack Outtake CD, which contains 15 exclusive soundtracks and an art book. If the ODDTAXI Blu-ray release preorders were to surpass 1,500 sets, fans will receive a special CD with songs by Suzuko Mimori, Moeka Koizumi, and Manatsu Murakami, who are cast members of the show. Upon 2,000 pre-orders fans will get a Donraku Eraser and after 3,000 pre-orders an Otogawa figurine will be given. 

ODDTAXI was a surprise hit of the spring season and is one of the most well-received anime of 2021. The story of Oddtaxi is about Hiroshi Odokawa, a walrus who drives a taxi in Tokyo and gets to drive a spectrum of people in his taxi. A college student who wants to get viral, a bachelor who wants to get a date, a yakuza who wants to impress his boss and various other people ride his taxi.

In the middle of all this, a girl gets missing and now both the yakuza and police are after him. All these seemingly random events will eventually connect in the end. It is an amazing yet underrated mystery thriller.


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