Some of The Best Fight Sequences coming from The Anime Industry in 2021 so far

Fight sequences are true wonders of the whole anime game. They all are good in their own ways, the clear and crisp jaw-dropping animation, the over-powered protagonist, those skillful hand-to-hand combat scenes, august background score, and whatnot. For those of you who love anime fights, this article might help you find such amazing anime sequences. The following list involves the major showdowns which surpassed all other battles in 2021 so far.

7. Team Dead End vs Red Hood Cobra (Mushoku Tensei)

This short but, spectacular battle full of pyrotechnics gave the Mushoku Tensei series a staggering final episode. The battle turned into a sheer display of well-crafted anime form with team coordination, camera cuts, beautiful hand-drawn artwork, twists and turns, and great animation.

This not only functioned as a visual treat to the viewers but helped elevate the action sequence to a whole new level. Amazing teamwork: Eris cutting the cobra in half with that speed, Eris’s POV when she was thrown, Ruijerd stopping the cobra with just one hand, and Rudy’s incredible final blow made the whole ‘not longer than a minute’ fight a clear spectacle.

6. Top 4 Attacker vs Neighbours (World Trigger)

World Trigger

This battle is yet another shout-out to the fact World Trigger is pretty underrated for what it brings to the table. This time it is back with much better pacing and animation for season 2. The fight sequences are generally focused on strategies and teamwork rather than brute force like most shonen. There’ve already been some great fights but one that sticks out the most is the group fight between the top attackers of the border agency vs the invading neighbors.

It is not easy to construct a fight with so many people at once while giving them lavish time to shine but that’s exactly where World trigger excels in a fight. Each one of the border agents has a very different fighting technique and character and yet their team play and synchrony were outstanding. Discretely the neighbors may have been better but as a team, the border agents were capable of synchronizing and use their power far more fruitfully.

5. Whitebeard Pirates vs Roger Pirates (One Piece)

So, after waiting for 900+ episodes viewers finally witnessed the clash between legendary Rogers and Whitebeards. The animation has been getting on a whole different level with the recent arcs and the stunning animation for this battle made the clash much more epic. This level of insanity makes One Piece what it is today, for days both crews kept displaying their vigor.

Both crews going toe-to-toe and giving no edge to one another, watching legendary characters all at once is worth the wait. There were a plethora of highlights during the course of the fight including Rayleigh stopping Marco with a single finger and the captains themselves.

4. Kawaki vs Garo (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

You might like the Boruto series or you might hate it, but regarding this fight, we all are satisfied for sure. This is one of the most brutal fights of the show. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat Naruto series never fails. The tempo of this fight, the type of presentation, and the music not only made it amazing but one could feel the impact of every blow.

What made the fight so impactful is the impressive choreography, ample amount of amazing taijutsu scenes, Kawaki’s uniqueness, and Garo’s wrestling moves. Kawaki knows nothing about the art of Ninja and yet, he was still able to fight aggressively with just pure martial art. This fight leads fans to be ensured about Kawaki’s amazing future fights. Furthermore, the animation, unusual art style made to reflect manga, and those twist and turns simply made this fight one of the bests in the series.

3. Eren vs Warhammer Titan (Attack on titan)

Usually Attack on Titan’s fights not only bring excitement but help shape things up in the show. This is a fight that references Eren’s growth. Eren simply won’t let the Warhammer transform, indicating a naive young boy has turned into a calculative ruthless man.

Warhammer may have been the strongest titan in the series however, Eren has undergone peak character development and fully grown Eren was just too experienced both strategically and in combat. However, the two of them continue to have a slugfest before the Warhammer finally gets the ascendancy but the end of the confrontation is just the beginning.

2. Jujutsu Sorcerers vs Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Every single battle in the 24-episode long Jujutsu Kaisen was gorgeously animated. It took the whole anime community by storm. The series is sought as a revolutionary shonen but, with every great element, one expects from shonen. However, this banger of a fight is something to talk about here featuring Kakashi once more as well Yuji and Todo.

It starts off with Yuji and Todo trying to hold the line, but with Hanami overpowering Maki and Megumi, it’s pretty obvious that Hanami is an enemy out of their league. Still, it’s a pretty good fight between them before big backup arrives with Gojo being awesome again. He unleashes hollow purple tech. and nearly destroys Hanami outright before Hanmi escapes.

1. Yami & Asta Vs Dante (Black Clover)

It’s been a long journey for Black Clover and it’s time now. It has all the reasons to pull out all the stops in the final push. This fight gave us numerous elements to be hyped about from amazing choreography, pacing, animation, writing, and some unforeseen moments. The prime motto was giving the younger ones their moments to excel and of course “keeping the viewers on edge”.

Both Yami and Asta showcased great synchronization and they surpassed their limits here. Yami unlocks an epic new skill and then Asta releases more of his devil powers in exchange for one of his arms. The tension keeps on building and the fight appears quite drawn out. But the main highlight was Yami acknowledging Asta as successor and Asta delivering the final blow.



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