You can now Stream Partially Downloaded TV Shows and Movies on Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Today, Netflix has launched a new feature to enhance its offline option that will allow users to view partially downloaded TV Shows and Movies. Meaning you no longer need to fully download a TV Show or Movie to watch it offline. This new feature will surely prove useful for those who have metered mobile data plans or who live in an area where steaming isn’t a great option.

Starting from today, Netflix users on Android mobiles and tablets (with version 7.64 and higher) can have this new feature and can watch the content they’re actively downloading before it gets fully downloaded. The main idea behind this feature is to provide users a ability to view the content they planned to watch even if they didn’t able to fully download it because of the poor connection.

Previously, users need to fully download a TV Show or Movie to watch it offline but that changes from today. Android mobile and tablets users can find this new setting in the Continue Watching section or in the Download menu of Netflix.

Netflix’s new Partial downloaded feature is rolling out for Android mobiles and tablets right now, but the company has said that it will start testing the functionality on iPhones and iPads (iOS) “in the coming months.”


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