Pokemon TV is finally available to download on Nintendo Switch for free

Pokemon TV, an app devoted to all things Pokemon, is now available to download for free on Nintendo Switch from its eShop giving Pokemon fans one more option to enjoy the sprawling franchise on the console.

Nintendo Switch is the latest platform to gain access to the Pokemon TV app, which is already available on pretty much every Android and iOS device, and includes all kinds Pokemon related things such as hundreds of episodes of the longest-running Pokemon anime series, videos offering tips and tricks to players, competitive Pokémon broadcasts and much more. Even for the younger ones, its Junior category includes sing-along songs, nursery rhymes, and more.

Switch owners can sign in to the app with their Pokémon Trainer Club account for a customized experience or they can simply log in as a guest and can still watch everything for free.

Despite having hundreds and hundreds of games, Nintendo eShop has precious few media apps too. You can fire up platforms like YouTube, Hulu, and Funimation but Netflix and Prime Video are nowhere to be seen.

Well, this is another streaming app from a brand that’s so entwined with Nintendo’s DNA which could keep people hooked on their Switch for even longer. Nevertheless, we believe or say it feels like the Pokémon TV app should have been on the console long before now, providing entertainment for a little longer.



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