Pokemon Evolutions anime series will debut on Youtube for free this month

From Galar to Kanto, the upcoming animated series titled “Pokemon Evolutions” promises ‘Timeless stories’ which will take the viewers to 8 different game regions with each passing episode. The 8-episode web-exclusive series, “Pokemon Evolutions” will premiere on The Pokémon Company’s official YouTube channel from September 9th.

In addition, the series will premiere on the Pokemon TV app, which is recently debuted on Nintendo Switch and is also available on iOS, and Android devices. The first episode titled “The Champion” will be dropping on 9th features everyone’s favorite champion Leon exploring Sword and Shield’s Galar region.

Ironically the title is a contradiction to the premise, Pokemon Evolutions is a joyride through time in reverse fashion. Beginning from the 8th generation, the series will explore major regions from various generations. Jumping from Galar, the next episode will feature Alola followed by Kalos and then Unova to Sinnoh and Hoenn to Johto and then finally Kanto region of Red and Green.

With a fresh perspective, each episode will take off and set on a familiar Pokemon end. The production is helmed by Pokémon Company International with OLM studios (Yo-kai watch, various Pokemon projects).

here’s the list of all Pokemon Evolutions episodes with their premiere dates:

  • The Champion (Galar Region), September 9th
  • The Eclipse (Alola Region), September 23th
  • The Visionary (Kalos Region), October 7th
  • The Plan (Unova Region), October 21st
  • The Rival (Sinnoh Region), December 2th
  • The Wish (Hoenn Region), December 9th
  • The Show (Johto Region), December 16th
  • The Discovery (Kanto Region), December 23th

The series will mark the end of the ongoing 25th-anniversary celebration of the original Pokémon games’ release. In an official announcement made by Pokémon Company’s vice prez for marketing, Colin Palmer said,

“Pokemon Evolution is both an exciting new collection of animation for the brand and a thank-you to the millions of fans around the world who have joined us on this journey over the past 25 years. Each region has been a touchstone for new generations of Pokemon Trainers as the brand has grown and we wanted Pokemon Evolutions to pay homage to the legacy while also being innovative and contemporary.

It’s a new adventure and familiar all at once. And, with the last episode set in Kanto, Pokemon Evolutions is a meaningful way to end our anniversary celebration in the place where it all began for Pokemon 25 years ago.”


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