SK8 The Infinity announces a New Anime Project

In the recent “SK8 Masquerade of Love” event which was held on July 4th, an important announcement was made regarding the new anime project for SK8 The Infinity, though the release date for the anime is not yet confirmed. Along with a new anime project, a two-part stage play is also announced where the first part will open by December 2021 and the second part in January 2022. 

SK8 The Infinity is an original anime and aired in the winter 2021 season. The anime was produced was Studio Bones and was directed by Hiroko Utsumi. The original anime is about Reki and Langa. Reiki is a second-year high schooler who, though not a prodigy still loves skating. Langa who returned to Japan from Canada with no skating background befriends Reki.

With time Langa not only learns skating but excels at it. Eventually, both of them get involved in “S” which is an illegal underground skating race. “S” is violent with no rules and it is perfectly acceptable to hit your opponent with a longboard and give them a lifelong injury. 

The series even got a manga adaptation titled “SK8 The Infinity: Chill Out”, which was illustrated by Kazuto Kojima and started its publication on 5th March. 

With amazing animation and lots of action, SK8 The Infinity was refreshing to watch and was a hit among anime fans. With original anime doing so well, it will be interesting to see, how the new anime project will compare to its predecessor.


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