Sony’s PS5 - New Model has lighter and smaller Heat Sink

PS5 Redesigned

Earlier this month, a new PS5 model with a revised stand design and a mysterious weight reduction began surfacing in Australia, Japan, and parts of the United States. The riddle has been solved thanks to a deconstruction video by YouTuber Austin Evans: Sony has replaced the heatsink that helps cool the PS5.

According to Evans, the new heatsink is substantially smaller than the original and accounts for the entire weight decrease of 300 grams (0.6 pounds). Although it’s unclear why Sony changed the heatsink so early in the PS5’s lifecycle, Evans claims that his machine ran hotter as a result, with rear exhaust temperatures about 3 to 5 degrees higher. However, this could be due to production variations.

Heat Sink alike Vapor Chamber

The PS5 is cooled by this heatsink, and the console features a heat pipe with a shape and airflow that’s supposed to mimic the performance of a vapour chamber. The heatsink, hard copper plate, and aluminium dissipation fins all take up a lot of room inside the PlayStation 5, and they all add to the total size. It’s interesting to see Sony shrink this component, and I’m hoping this is the first indicator that the firm is working on a smaller PS5 model or may be even more powerful one.

New PS5 Model has lighter and smaller Heat Sink

Evans did conclude, however, that the changes make the new PS5 model worse, owing to the increased heat he observed. If this is something we see replicated elsewhere, it could make the launch PS5s more desirable. Evans says, “I don’t think there’s any dispute that this is a poorer console, at least in terms of thermals and cooling. As far as I’m concerned, a launch PS5 would be preferable.”


The adjustment comes as Sony announces that the $499 version of the PS5 is no longer being sold at a loss, and after reports last year stated Sony was struggling to keep the PlayStation 5 costs down due to its pricey cooling technology. We don’t know if Sony has modified the cooling unit on the one with a disc drive because Evans only opened up a Digital Edition version of the new PS5 model.


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