Spotify’s The Ringer And WWE Team To Launch New Original Wrestling Podcasts

Spotify’s The Ringer and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is teaming up to launch an audio/podcast network for “The Ringer Wrestling Show” and more original wrestling podcasts.

According to the press release,

“The Ringer and WWE will also collaborate to develop new, original audio content exclusively for the Spotify platform and Ringer website. In addition, existing WWE audio programming, which offers a unique look at the world of WWE both in the ring and beyond, will become available exclusively on Spotify.”

The partnership between WWE and The Ringer (which Spotify acquired for $200 million in 2020 as a part to bolster its sport and podcast lineup) will see the rebranding of “The Masked Man” show hosted by David Shoeman and Kaz to “The Ringer Wrestling Show” along with new original podcast series from WWE personalities, including a series from WWE personality Evan Mack, MackMania, and a narrative series produced by Bill Simmons.

Also, by utilizing Spotify Greenroom, hosts will go live after every major WWE pay-per-view event with the final rooms becoming podcasts for “The Ringer Wrestling Show.”

Simmons in a press conference said that,

“This partnership is a perfect match, as a lifelong WWE fan, I couldn’t wait to work with them to take a fresh stance on their awe-inspiring moments and celebs and clasp Spotify’s global scale to share the content we assume everyone will enjoy.”

Where the President and chief revenue officer of WWE, Nick said that,

“This collaboration will deliver a podcast  that excites the current fans while introducing WWE to the millions of Spotify listeners.”


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