The Weeknd will Boycott Future Grammy Awards Following 'After Hours' Snub - Craffic
Kevin Mazur/MTV VMAs 2020/Getty Images

After calling the Grammys “corrupt”, following the snub of his latest album “After Hours” for the 2021 nomination, singer-songwriter “The Weeknd” has now stated that he will boycott the Grammy Awards in the future, by not attending the ceremony and instructing his label bosses to “no longer” submit his music for consideration.

Despite being the year’s one of the top-selling albums, the snub of The Weeknd’s latest album “After Hours” and its hit single “Blinding Lights” for the 2021 Grammy nominations announced in November, stunned the music fans. And after which The Weeknd took Twitter to attack The Grammys bosses, stating: “The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans, and the industry transparency…”

And now in a new statement to The New York Times, The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) has stated that he will boycott the Recording Academy’s awards shows indefinitely: “Because of the secret committees, I will no longer allow my label to submit my music to the Grammys.”

However, his manager Wassim Slaiby has also admitted that The Weekend and his label bosses still haven’t got an answer to why his work was left off the nominations list: “We were many weeks and dozens of calls in with the Grammy team around Abel’s (The Weeknd) performance right up to the day of nominations being announced. We were scratching our heads in confusion and wanted answers.”

Now The Weekend isn’t the only star who has criticized the Grammys bosses, new dad Zayn Malik who failed to make the nominations list, had also called the Recording Academy officials by tweeting:



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