How would you feel if you keep drifting in between the recent past and future and each time got some assignment to do? Does it sound like avengers saving the world? Trust me it’s not. Rather, you will find it much of a hassle. The same incident happens with 29 years old mangaka Satoru in this anime “Erased”. He keeps floating in time, he can sense if something bad is going to happen.

Then drifts to the recent future to have more of a flash of the future and there has to pinpoint what is wrong. He then reverts to the same position where he initially was and prevent that incident from being happening. All this happens when he is doing his daily routine, delivering pizza. Initially, we find him using this time-lapse to stop car accidents and other activities that cause someone to get hurt or even get killed.


But one day when a killer from his childhood unleashes a terrible incident, he gets reverted to his 9 years old self. He had to prevent a string of events from happening to stop a girl from being murdered. He actually is a nine-year-old boy but still got his 29 years old brain.

Erased is takes you over from the very beginning. In the first episode, you will immediately figure out what Satoru’s abilities are. And then at its climax, you will witness a major incident which leads him to get drifting to his 9 years old self. In 1988, 3 kids got kidnapped and killed. These killings impact his future. The first victim kidnapped was a girl his age named Kayo, if he could prevent her from getting killed then he can stop the further 2 killings and what happened in his future.

The way this journey is being portrayed and the way he is always trying to make friends with that introverted girl is very interesting to watch. This journey not only showcases him finding the killer but some other aspects as well. This journey definitely showcases Satoru and Kayo’s growth.

Erased satoru and kayo

If you like Inception you may find its back and forth transition intriguing. The concept is definitely going to hook this anime “Erased” deep into you. The way it handles the matter of child abuse is quite appreciable. You will find a good soundtrack, a bunch of good characters, nice animation, and the way it presents its dark theme and obviously time travel and mystery, although the mystery is not its strength. Because it didn’t hide the murderer well.

What Erased practices is drawing attention and compel one to watch it through the end.


  1. […] The Erased anime had several scenes that resonated with the audience on a deep emotional level, some brilliant moments of tension scenes that can be considered among the best-directed scenes in anime history. In the psychological thriller, the villains’ motives have the utmost importance and erased totally fails to deliver on that end. It has earned critical acclaim but the ending impairs some of its calibers. […]


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