When A Patronus Goes Bad (The story of Raczidian)

Raczidian was a sorcerer. He was brilliant as he was able to cast all sorts of spells. But Raczidian always had trouble with the Patronus charm. According to an ancient story, he attacked a wizarding village and was defeated because of the Patronus. The Patronus is the most powerful and severe charm. There are two types of Patronus charms, Corporeal and incorporeal. The incorporeal Patronus is not a true Patronus, it provides limited protection, in form of white smoke.

Whereas a Corporeal is the only spell effective against the Dementors, assumes the form of a witch or wizard’s spirit animal. The ability to cast a Corporeal Patronus is considered exceptional in the wizarding community. The unusual witches and wizards who produce a Patronus that takes the form of their favorite animal is an indicator of eccentricity. According to a widespread belief, a wizard who isn’t pure from the heart cannot cast a Patronus spell.

The Story of Raczidian and the most famous Patronus of all time

Professor Catullus Spangle explains that a Patronus can change with time and there is no way to know your Patronus until you cast it. One of the most famous Patronus of all time was a lowly mouse, which belongs to a young orphan wizard named Illyius. He saved his village from the dark wizard Raczidian by casting the Patronus charm.

One of the most famous Patronus of all time was a lowly mouse, which belongs to a young orphan wizard named Illyius.

Illyius was from a small wizarding village in the mountains and Raczidian lived in a black castle in a nearby forest, which was entirely guarded by the Dementors. Aware of the fact that Dementors roamed around the forest, villagers ensured to teach every new generation the Patronus charm.

One day, Raczidian noticed an alluring beauty, Eliana from the village, while she was collecting berries. Bewitched by her beauty, he then wished to marry her and demanded the same from her parents. Eliana’s parents refused Raczidian and he threatened them. The villagers decides to put up a fight against him. At first, villagers managed to hold back the Dementors, but sooner the Patronus grew feeble, spellcasters collapsed.

Eliana and Raczidian
Raczidian and Eliana

Eliana, therefore, requested Illyius, who was told to sit out of the battle by the village elders. He casted the Patronus charm and despite the diminishing size, the mouse exhibited a powerful light, bringing the Dementors to halt. Later Raczidian decided to enter the battle himself and attempted to rally the Patronus of Illyius’s mouse. However, he failed poorly. Maggots shot out of Raczidian’s wand and hurriedly devoured him. The first time in history it was revealed, what happens when a Patronus goes bad.



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