When and How Thoughts affect your REALITY?

Many people think that person’s wish, thoughts into reality, or prayer is answered because of something in which he believes in but it is not. He gets the answer because of his belief and faith in himself AND IN HIS THOUGHTS and that is a very tough thing to do because no one understands easily when and how thoughts affect your reality.

Do you know how to wish and pray effectively? How long have you stopped wishing and praying (here praying doesn’t mean praying to respective Gods but praying to your mind and heart) regularly?

Prayers to God often come out of the mouth when in danger or trouble, illness, an emergency comes. But wish and thoughts related to that are some things that we are making from our childhood, continued till now and will remain continued in future also. Most people do not know how to make reality from their thoughts and thus they very few times succeeded in their life ambitions, goals which are actually their thoughts.

The Power Of Your Thoughts affect Your Reality

When and How Thoughts affect your REALITY?

Thoughts are the inner image of a person. It shows a perspective of that person about what he wants from his life, what he thinks about the things that surround that person.

The power of your thought is immensely high but it needs the perspective of believing in your thoughts. Thoughts of a human tell what he feels, his decisions and actions. You can control every part of your life by understanding this is your most powerful tool.

There is a model in psychology called the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Model. This model tells that every event in your life creates thoughts in your mind.

  • Thoughts will create feelings in you.
  • That developed feeling will put a major impact on your behavior.
  • And behavior always leads to some reality of your life, simply having some consequences.

This model is the basis of every incident happening in your life. Thus thoughts create your reality.

When and How Thoughts affect your REALITY?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Model showing how your thoughts affect your reality

For converting your thoughts into reality, feelings about your thoughts are the most important aspect. Whether your feelings are positive or negative related to what you want in life is ultimately going to affect your future.

Right from childhood everyone’s life goals start changing and this is because children are more curious, they want to do most of the things as thoughts in their mind are continuously changing about the things that surround them and this will ultimately lead to change in their feelings.

When maturity starts hitting us or and when the teenage period is about to end, our thoughts about what we want in life start limiting but still people can’t make most of the reality of their thoughts. The perspective of believing that they can achieve their goals, they can make their thoughts into reality, does not develop yet.

How you BELIEVE, so that your thoughts affect your REALITY effectively

Do you know why you do not get the expected results as you thought? You have to understand the major reason for this failure. It is either because of less belief in yourself thus in your thoughts and either due to very much forceful efforts. Most people fail in their life because they do not understand the procedure of working of their subconscious mind. As in this part of the mind, your thoughts affect your reality.

Basically, there are three layers of mind let’s discuss each one briefly;

  • The Conscious mind: The smallest of the three layers which we are using in our life daily. Our life activities are possible due to this mind. We are walking and thinking about doing anything because of this. But this has hardly its role in affecting our reality because here no thoughts are produced. By using it we are recalling the memories stored in the subconscious mind. But it has its own importance.
  • The Subconscious Mind: It is the thickest and important layer in three layers in such a way that here produced thoughts affect our reality. Simply thoughts produced in the unconscious mind have to be transferred here for their execution. This is just like the ROM of our brain. If someone asks you to write alphabets and numbers on a paper then it is EASY for you because thoughts related to alphabets and numbers are permanently stored here. While we are sleeping, our heart moves continuously at that time, we are not thinking consciously to make it happen, also because the whole body process is printed here and is non-erasable. If someone becomes able to put their thoughts here, related to what they want in their life then success is 100 percent sure. But it is not like everybody’s cups of tea. The book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy tells a lot about this mind.
When and How Thoughts affect your REALITY?
  • The Unconscious Mind: The part of the mind where our thoughts related to an event are produced. Our views related to any object, place, incident, or simply for anything generated here. The thoughts generated here are something we want to happen. You look or observe anything and make a view about that thing. Those views are due to this mind. It is the middle layer in three layers of mind relative to the importance and affecting our reality. What you want in your life is because of the thoughts produced here. As the name is unconscious thus we produced thoughts about our life experiences unconsciously without worrying about the outcome. But thoughts here do not remain for a long time, thus it’s a connection with the subconscious becomes necessary.

These three layers are connected in which connection between subconscious and unconscious is most important. The thoughts that are produced in the unconscious mind because of the activities we are doing using the conscious mind in daily life, those thoughts affect your reality.

If we believe and procrastinate in such a way, on whatever thoughts we want to be real in our life. This whole process will put our thoughts into our subconscious mind effectively and it will then make them real. You have to make our subconscious mind acceptable about what you want in life (because of our thoughts), about your thoughts relative to your future.

It can be done by;

  • Positive affirmation about the reality of your thoughts.
  • Meditation is the biggest tool to believe in your thoughts of the subconscious mind.
  • Visualization allows you to retain the power of your subconscious mind. It allows you to feel the situation and experience that you actually want in your life and that is created obviously because of your thoughts.

BELIEVE is a powerful WEAPON

When and How Thoughts affect your REALITY?

Believe is your unknown weapon with which you can reprogram your thoughts and also without an error.

Thus if you believe in your thoughts subconsciously, and by making your subconscious mind believe that your thoughts are actual reality either by visualization or imagination or either by the above-mentioned steps then obviously thought affects your reality. But never put your thoughts forcefully on your subconscious mind.

It is a process that will make your way towards your goals easier, and also requires only and only believe in thoughts that you will put on your subconscious mind.

Many scientists or discoverers succeeded in their life because of belief. Many are not able to link their three mentioned layers of minds, you can see that not everybody is successful and rich. Firstly you have to accept the answer as yes to the question, Will thoughts affect your reality? And then have to understand and take actions calmly by visualizing yourself that you are already there, but be careful as there is a very thin line between visualization and procrastination. Take action as these are a must.

Understand this process and try to connect your mind’s layer, maybe you will create some miracle who knows. That’s all for now, be in touch for further interesting facts and articles.



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