Shinra Kusakabe is the main protagonist of the Shonen anime fire force written by Atsushi Okubo. Fire force unveils the world of a firefighter who can use and manipulate flames. These firefighters are assigned to douse infernals. These infernals are human turned into living blazes due to spontaneous human combustion.

The name ‘Shinra’ is derived from the word ‘Shinrabansho’ which means all things in nature. The creator stated, “The cause of human combustion is still a mystery. No one knows how it happens. This is happening from Shinrabansho and the protagonist Shinra is trying to solve this mystery through the concept of Shinrabansho.” Thus, he is trying to uncover the truth behind this phenomenon.

Although he is known as Devil’s Footprints, he actually has a strong willingness to help others. He wants to become a hero because he promised this to his mother when he was 5 years old. He still is proud of his ambition and keeps on working harder even though people believe him to be the murderer of his mother.


He is a third-generation fire soldier for the 8th Special Fire Force Company. He is known for getting the job done by employing his ignition ability to better execute combat skills. He ignites flames from his feet which renders his footprints on the ash dispersed ground. His kicks are strong enough to severe limbs.

He can use his kicks to lift heavy weights into thin air. The kicks are useful enough to let him measure his ambit and potency. His speed is 20 times the speed of light. While using Superfire his speed becomes 60-70% the speed of light.

He has some exceptional eyesight which helps him lookout for distant objects which others find hard to pull off. He has gained the ability of the third generation in the very initial years of his childhood so he can be considered as a child prodigy. While living in Haijima industries, the researchers there studied his strengths and helped him better understand his abilities.

adolla burst

His bunker gear is designed in such a way that would let him use his ignition abilities without any damage. The trousers are cut short just below his knees which keeps away his suit from burning when he fires flame from his feet.

While practising Adolla Burst he takes power from the God of Adolla realm which is a higher plane of existence. He can steal the thermal expansion of this universe to control time. He can acquire fourth-generation durability in his feet.

You probably know his evil smirk, which makes him look like the devil. But this is unintentional he actually suffers from a condition called nervous smile. This condition leads him to naturally grin whenever he feels uncomfortable, is nervous or angry.


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