Why you should watch Mob psycho 100

A hot-shot, overpowered and excessively confident protagonist, one will definitely figure out we are talking about a Shounen protagonist. But what Mob Psycho 100 provides is out of the league. Shigeo Kageyama, better known as Mob, is the protagonist of this exceptional anime series. He believes in ahinsa and is still the protagonist of a shounen series. He has got some other issues to resolve. It actually shows what problems does an overpowered hero has to face. These points enlist him as an exceptional shounen hero.

According to Mob, the espers have no substance to them as the espers are dependent on their innate strength for gaining social status. Their sense of identity and worth, provided by these psychic abilities, make their ego the center of their world. They can’t tolerate any strike on their prime ego. Unlike these espers Mob is not a fan of his psychic abilities, he doesn’t want these abilities to be his identity card. Rather he wants to achieve everything by doing labor, thus join a body improvement club despite having God-like power.

Mob has some pretty out of ordinary abilities as compared to other espers. There are very few who can wield their powers as Mob does. Most of the espers can use telekinesis, sense spirits, exorcise spirits, and can find others with the same ability. Along with these abilities, Mob can transfer energy and absorb energy from espers, which means that he can drain other espers and utilize their power for their own benefits and can absorb energy from plants, which can make his spirit leave his body.

Mob psycho

Mob has God-like abilities. When his level reaches 100% on the psychic meter, he had control over his body and mind. But in Mob Psycho 100’s season2, viewers witnessed Mob hitting ???% on his psychic meter. This is the point when the Mob loses his control over his body. This makes him something out of this world.

His mentor, Reigen Arataka is a powerless man, but he puts a show of having psychic power. Still, Mob remains glued to him because of their values. He taught the Mob that it is wrong to use his power on people. This tenet can be witnessed everywhere in the anime, even when the Mob is brutally beaten up.

Mob has one of the most wonderful character development we have seen so far. His efficiency is quite high. He had a bunch of emotions that he always tried to cope with. These emotions are a result of his bizarre childhood experience due to those abilities. When he comes face to face with those emotions only then he was able to break the barriers and discover his true powers, the power he actually wanted.

Initially, Mob had complications in school but as time progresses, he tremendously grew up. His labor paid well, as the anime progresses one will notice that he has a much better relationship with himself and other people as well. He can properly use his abilities, create bonds with people, talk to everyone, and can give them advice as well.

Mob psycho 100 provides a whole new experience in the shounen genre, it is definite to give it a shot.


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