5 Great Anime With Non-Human Heroes

There are a variety of animes that show non-human characters as protagonists. Different non-human protagonists are playing different roles in the story – some are evil, dangerous, crazy, fearless, and more or less talented. Making a non-human protagonist and giving them a sense of consciousness, relating them to human life problems, situations is wonderful art in itself.

The anime is one of the top fields in which a writer, a creator can express his feelings, emotions in full freedom with no boundaries, whether it is a human character or a non-human. Non-human characters sometimes teach those dimensions of life that we are not able to see in a human life form. Non-human characters connect us differently, entering into a different terrain and enjoying those incidents is what is needed and expected from any viewer.

Regardless of the structure, non-human protagonists can be as amazing to watch as a person. And that’s why here are the 5 best animes to watch the wild and thrilling nature of non-human protagonists.

5. Beastars

Beastars ran continuously in the WEEKLY SHONEN CHAMPION from 2016 to 2020, leading a beautiful journey with a lot of manga fans, this anime. series has won multiple awards. This anime has quite a similar situation and culture to our human life. But what’s different is that they have cultural and social boundaries for the carnivorous and the herbivores.


The series main protagonist Legoshi is a grey wolf residing at Cherryton academy.

Unfortunately, one late night an alpaca named tem is harshly murdered, which caused the misunderstanding between the carnivorous and herbivorous, losing the faith in each other community. The amazing thing about this anime was that Ligoshi finds a very beautiful rabbit named Haru and falls in love.

Beastars is a very modern classical anime series that every Manga fans reading list has. Featuring a very wonderful world, complications of romance, mysterious stories of social society….

You can watch Beastars on Netflix

4. Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro’s storyline is set in the post-apocalyptic future, where only 2 types exist, humans and sorcerers. The world has been divided into different parts with human areas being violent, lawless.

In human areas, if somebody is suspected of being a sorcerer, he or she can be murdered or attacked.


Dorohedoro is a Japanese Manga anime series illustrated by Q HAYASHIDA, the story revolves around the Caiman, who was transformed by the sorcerer into a non-human, and has a reptile head forgetting all his memories. He set his vision to find out the sorcerer who transformed him. In searching for the sorcerer he found out many hidden secrets of the past and started reopening them. This show is based on revenge and knowing the true nature of the self….

You can watch Dorohedoro on Netflix

3. Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Dragon Goes House-Hunting anime adaptation has spread its wings in the anime world recently, very well designed and illustrated, it follows a very charming and struggling story. It is a must-watch, having a beautiful incident and a heart-touching storyline. Started its manga in MONTHLY COMIC GARDEN in 2016, the main protagonist is Letty, A dark red dragon. Letty is shown as a  very shy and timid dragon, unlike the others, so NOBODY support’s him including his family creating a very odd situation for him.


Without any home, Letty starts his journey to find a perfect home, where he can live without any shame or judgment. But this journey is not so pleasant, the lady has to deal with different monsters and heroes who are ready to slay him at any point in time. To be able to get new armour for themselves. With god grace, Letty makes good friends, one of them was DEARIA, an ELEVEN DEMON LORD who is a very skilled and professional agent in real estate.

Daria helps Letty with good intentions to find out a perfect home for Letty. Those in the real world who have struggled a lot to find out a peaceful place will relate very much to this anime. This is the perfect time to watch DRAGON GOES HOUSE- HUNTING.

You can watch Dragon Goes House-Hunting on Netflix, Funimation.

2. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi’s Sweet Home started its journey from publishing in WEEKLY MORNING MAGAZINE in 2004, it is illustrated by the Kanata Konami. The small grey and white Kitten is the main lead character, around whose the story goes around. One pleasant day she got separated from his family while taking daily walks.

Soon, the kitten is found by a young boy named Yohei. Yohei and his mother thought of keeping the kitten with them and looking after her. The story goes around her after entering the new home…

When the caretakers started teaching the kitten, they accidentally found out that the kitten responded to the name shi( used for urine in the Japanese language ), so her name was set up chi on this…lol…

Chi is a very joyful character, who loves to enjoy, explore, know new things, and be excited about every situation. Mostly end up with all things messed up or destroyed.

Why watch this 

Chi’S Sweet Home is a very compassionate, enthusiastic, utterly fantastical, anime series. You will never get bored while watching this anime series, adventurous chi is full of energy to entertain you… and is ready to dive you into the comical drama of kitten’s.

You can watch Chi’s Sweet Home on Netflix.

1. Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu is a Japanese anime series illustrated by IKUKO ITOH in the year 2002, it was produced by Hal filmmaker.  

The story is inspired by the UGLY DUCKLING AND SWAN LAKE, the non-human character in this anime is a duck who gets transformed into a 13-year-old girl, with the superpower of the pendant gifted by Drosselmeyer. Ahiru uses the power of pendants to transform herself into a Princess Tutu.

The story follows a writer named Drosselmeyer who has special abilities to make his stories come to real life. Unfortunately, his final story, “THE PRINCE AND RAVEN,” is incomplete due to his death, due to which the characters have to struggle till the very end. But when the prince and raven came into real life the prince shattered his heart to seal the raven for good.

The ghost of Drosselmeyer is eagerly trying to complete the story, he finds a duck who falls in love with the shattered prince. He gives the duck, Ahiru, a mysterious pendant that allows the duck to transform into Princess tutu. The raven and his daughter are trying their best, this doesn’t happen. 

This anime series is full of magical worlds, Princess tutu is a very outstanding character plus anime that shows the effort and artwork of every cast member. 

You cant watch Princess Tutu on Netflix.



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