From One Piece to Bakuman anime that are inspired by real life events

Anime has been globally applauded for its original content, unconventional nature, and rich culture. Flourishing anime fan base is not only driving the market growth but the demand for content is also skyrocketing. Gone are the days when western audiences used to term these gems as ‘JapanAnimation’, nowadays, this medium has reaped a lot of respect and gained graceful momentum across the globe. Even the pandemic couldn’t halt the rapid growth. In a recent report published by Parrot Analytics, demand for anime content has risen over 30% mark in the US.

For 2020, when the world economy has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, a report published by AJPEA suggests that the sector (manga industry) has recorded the highest profit since 1978. The market size (print and digital media) for the first time crossed the 600 billion yen mark with market size of 612.5 billion yen ($ 5.2 billion USD).

According to Parrot Analytics report on anime’s popularity overseas, the US has reached 32% in their demand for anime content from the first quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021. This push is something to celebrate. In this report, the anime content growth tracks peak growth in the third quarter of 2020 which stayed strong for the fourth quarter. Even in the first quarter of 2021, the numbers stayed strong again.

The phenomenal rise in value generation in this sector is mainly credited to the artists, animators, developers, publishers, and creative agencies associated. The anime industry has been harmonious in distributing and broadcasting anime content through various mediums – Anime streaming sites, TV, Blue-rays, etc.

The virtual age has made it painless than ever to buy manga, digital comics, and magazines to counterbalance the manga industry. It was found that in 2020, buying digital manga has become more prevalent even in Japan.

Report says Anime Content demand has Risen over 30% This Year

Thanks to the swift rise of distribution platforms globally, there are many venues to visit. Crunchyroll and Funimation are Foxconn and Pegatron for audiences overseas. Netflix and Amazon Prime have also got reliable offerings. Platforms like Hulu, HIDIVE, and TubiTV are offering seamless services. These lucrative routes have found an amazing amount of new takers.

Viz Media has witnessed overwhelming sales from the Shonen Jump Wallet. If you are facing trouble getting print copies don’t worry Viz, Kodansha, and Dark Horse have got your back.


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