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The world is becoming awkwardly warm because of mankind’s emphasis on consuming petroleum derivatives. Elon Musk is presently the wealthiest human on earth. However, for being among the most well off an individual on earth, Musk’s generous history throughout the years has been insignificant contrasted with any semblance of Jeff Bezos. Along these lines, no doubt, it came as a cycle of astonishment on Thursday when the Tesla CEO took to Twitter to declare that he intends to give $100 million as a prize towards a triumphant carbon capture system.

Details on Elon Musk’s forthcoming carbon capture competition have not been released but are expected to show up “one week from now.” This isn’t the first occasion when a company has looked for the public’s assistance with carbon capture tech, which tries to pull this component from the environment and squirrel it away to help moderate the pace of human-instigated environmental change. In 2018, X-Prize held a comparable competition and granted five finalist groups a portion of its $20 million grand prizes.

Yet, with a $100 million handbag on the line, Elon Musk’s competition won’t just offer multiple times the financing as X-Prize; it’ll likewise establish his single-biggest generous venture to date (multiple times the measure of his second-biggest gifts up until now). This is a long way from the first effort to gather and change over atmospheric CO2 into consumer products. The EFPL as of late built up a catch system for semis that changes over 90% of the vehicle’s emanations into fluid CO2, scientists at Oxford sorted out an approach to transform it into jet fuel while others have changed the ozone harming substance into jewels.


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