Facts about 'Eraserhead' from My Hero Academia

The one with bloodshot eyes, he is the lazy and apathetic homeroom teacher of class 1-A in a Japanese superhero manga series “My Hero Academia”. Mr. SHota Aizawa is known as ‘Eraserhead’. Although he appears to be impassive, he actually is considerate about his students, always driving them to improve. He is known for pushing his students through meticulous training hence helping them prevail over their fears.

He is reserved yet never leaves the viewers punctured. One will always find him very interesting, whether it’s about his quick naps during the class or utilizing every bit of energy to do some simple tasks (like a sloth), or his laid back and unflashy ways. ‘A rational deception’, this term is coined by him. He uses it to manipulate his students. He has always been fantastic with the kids

Some interesting facts about ‘Eraserhead’

  • Quirk = ‘Erasure’. Garnered: – Looking at the opponent will leave the opponent powerless of their quirks. Dispels: – Whenever he blinks or his line of sight is disrupted. He uses his eyes and has to keep them open for a long time rendering them extremely dark and dry.
  • His quirk doesn’t multiply his physical strength e.g. in Deku’s case, rather his fighting techniques are the key.
  • His name has a Japanese word which means ’Erase’.
  • Eraserhead’s pro-hero equipments are capturing cloth wrapped around his neck, a pair of goggles, caltrops, a knife, and of course the eye drops. The capturing cloth is made from steel wire alloy woven with carbon-nanofibers, they are capable of dealing with many enemies at the same time. Mr. Aizawa keeps a knife to assist this capturing cloth. He has goggles having external ‘cage-like’ protection. The majority of times he wears those goggles around his neck and is hidden by his scarf. Appears only during fights. These compliments his quirks productively because they conceal his line of sight preventing enemies from seeing which one of their quirks have been erased by him.
  • Although Eraserhead is not a fan of fame and popularity, he often appears to be more popular than All Might and Endeavor.
  • Kohei Horikoshi, the creator, explains that “Aizawa is a man who lives by the motto of logicality, his decisions are based on logic to the extreme rather than emotions”.
  • Eraserhead smiles rarely. Since he is a cat person, loves them more than anything else, they make him grin.
  • Mr. Aizawa can be a role model for those who are want to chop off the excess and live a more summed-up sort of life.
  • His strength appears to be his speed, techniques, and intelligence.
  • While he was a student in U.A., he got his ‘hero name’ form his friend Hizashi Yamada a.k.a. Present Mic
  • Growing up Aizawa never thought that he could become a hero. Eraserhead had always questioned his ability but it was his friend Sherakumo Oboro a.k.a. Loud Cloud, who made him believe in his abilities. He was always pushing Mr. Aizawa. He gives Mr. Aizawa a pair of ordinary goggles when they ran into an enemy who used smoke to make Mr. Aizawa Erasure quirk out of the question to use. They kept the smoke from bothering Mr. Aizawa. Initially, Mr. Aizawa kept them as a part of his hero outfit but then modified them, providing them with a protective ‘cage-like’ layer.
  • This quirk requires a particular recharging period. During those periods he can’t use his quirk.
  • Eraserhead is a beast in hand-to-hand combat, an expert in close-quarter combat. He knows how to use these combat skills successively with his capturing weapon.
  • Eye drops are the most important pro-hero equipment.



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