8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn

More often or not, people (especially your parents) consider anime as a waste of time, but that is not always true. There are a lot of shows that present real-life knowledge in a fun way, and you can learn a lot while watching. Here is the list of some of the amazing educational anime that will help you learn as well as entertain you.

8. The Great Passage – Dictionary Making

8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn - The Great Passage

The Anime aired in 2016 and is produced by studio Zexcs. Our protagonist Mitsuya Majime lacks social skills but has a strong love for words and likes reading, and as a result, he gets involved in the publication of a new dictionary name “The Great Passage”.

From a normal person’s point of view, dictionary-making can be a boring topic but the show handles it gracefully. It talks about types of dictionaries, the process of collecting and organizing words. Importance of dictionary in building a nation and how it affects people. The show is wholesome and is a down-to-earth drama about life and dictionaries and is quite an educational anime.

You can watch The Great Passage on Amazon Prime Video

7. Moyashimon – Microbiology

8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn - Moyashimon

The original manga, created by Ishikawa Masayuki, began serialization in 2004, and in 2008 it won the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Grand Prize as well as Kodansha’s General Manga Award. The anime adaptation was released in October 2007. The story takes place at an Agriculture University in Tokyo. Our lead Sawaki has the power to see all the microbes around him, from yeast that can be used to make alcohol, to the nasty ones like E. Coli. 

It is one good educational anime as it provides a wealth of information about life on a small scale and how it can be both helpful and harmful to humans. And the show also makes bacteria look cute. 

You can watch Moyashimon on AniList

6. Silver Spoon – Agriculture 

8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn - Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon manga was created by Hiromu Arakawa, who is best known for her Fullmetal Alchemist manga. The anime aired in 2013 and was produced was A-1 Pictures. The story again takes place in an Agriculture high school located in the countryside. It is about Yuugo Hachiken, a studious kid who doesn’t know what to do in his life. 

It is not only a great coming of age story but an educational anime also, as we see the life of farmers and how the food we eat is put on our tables. The story also dives into animal husbandry, how animals are grown, and eventually killed to put into our plates. The show is quite fun and handles serious topics with ease.

You can watch Silver Spoon on Funimation, Crunchyroll

5. Bakuman – Manga Industry 

8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn - Bakuman

The original Bakuman Manga was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the same duo who also gave us Death Note. The anime started airing in 2010 and lasted for 3 seasons. Moritaka Mashiro, Akito Takagi are two high school students who are working hard to become the greatest mangaka in japan and get anime adaptations of their work. 

The story takes a look at the manga industry as a whole and how its different sides function. It covers the creative side as well as the management side. We can see how an idea is converted to a full story and inscribed to the paper and how a publisher manages between different artists and which work to publish. A good educational anime and is a must-watch if you want to know more about the manga industry. 

You can watch Bakuman on Netflix

4. Shirobako – Anime Industry

8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn - Shirobako

Shirobako is an original anime that was aired in 2014 and was produced by PA Works. The story is about Miyamori Aoi and her friends, as they move to Tokyo to get a job in various parts of the anime industry. 

The story shows the inner workings of the anime industry. Though the show takes a look at the industry through colored glasses, it is still quite informative. Miyamori acts as an audience proxy as she works with various departments like sound, management, directing and animation itself.  

You can watch Shirobako on AniList

3. Spice and Wolf – Economics

8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn - Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf has a fantasy medieval Europe-like setting. The story is about Holo, a wolf deity, who takes human form and joins a merchant Kraft Lawrence, in order to get back to her home in a snowy forest. The story doesn’t focus on battles, instead, the story revolves more around business and economics. 

It is a show that teaches you about inflation, deflation, principles of trade, and how economy works. 

You can watch Spice and Wolf on Netflix

2. Cells at Work! – Human Body

8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn - Cells at Work!

Cells at Work! takes place inside the human body, where our lead characters are anthropomorphic cells. There are all kinds of cells in the show, from red blood cells that transport the oxygen, white blood cells that attack and kill the virus to platelets that do the repair work.  It is an educational anime at its core and shows the working of the human body. The show even has a spinoff Cells at Work! Code Black, which shows the working of an unhealthy body. 

You can watch Cells at Work! on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Netflix

1. Dr. Stone – Science, Chemistry

8 Great Educational Anime shows that will help you learn - Dr. Stone

A blast of green light swept across the landscape and everyone turns into a stone. Our main character Senku wakes up after 3700 years and now it is up to him to restart mankind from scratch, with the power of science. 

The show has pretty accurate science in it and it represents it in an engaging and fun way. We find our main character making all kinds of things from alcohol, fertilizer to gun powder. Every episode has something new, fun, and educational to it. 

You can watch Dr. Stone on Funimation, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video


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