'Money Heist' Part 5: Nobody is Dying

Money Heist Part 5: Story So Far

In the first three episodes of the fifth part of Money Heist, we saw the gang finding out that Alicia, who had captured the Professor, Marsielle, and Benjamin in their hideout- the stormwater tank, going into labor. The three of them help her in delivering her child.

The gang fabricates new plans, which involve stalling the army so much so that they’re able to melt all the gold, take it out and then escape safely. They would be losing the war, but at a pace so slow, they’ll end up winning.

On Tamayo’s orders, the army climbed to the roof of the bank and blew it up, and Helsinki gets trapped under a statue.

Money Heist Part 5 Episode 4 Review (Spolier Alert!)

The fourth episode of Money Heist Part 5 titled “Your Place in Heaven,” starts with the Professor taking charge of the stormwater tank. An injured and trapped Helsinki shoots at the Army and is joined by Bogota, Rio, and Palermo who throws a grenade at them, injuring them. This gives Rio, Palermo, and Bogota some time to get Helsinki out who is trapped under a marble statue that weighs two tons. One of their options is to cut his leg.

Professor makes a plan to save Helsinki. Tokyo, Denver, and Manila have to corner the hostages from behind so they will have to go via the roof. But, doing so, they will be exposed to the snipers that the police have placed outside. So, they bring some of the hostages out on the roof so that the snipers can’t shoot.

Lisbon reveals that she has hidden microphones in the handcuffs before releasing the Governor and are listening to the conversations of the police. Using this, Professor blackmails Tamayo into not opening fire on the roof and not sending a second team in.

Tokyo, Denver, and Manila take the hostages to the roof, and Stockholm, Lisbon, and Palermo throw smoke bombs towards the army and fire at them from one side. Rio and Bogota retrieve a beam to use it as a lever to free Helsinki. Tokyo and co. manage to sneak their weapons, and corner the army unit.

The army is now cornered at both ends. Unbeknownst to the gang and the professor, there is a secret security door between the army, Tokyo’s group, and the rest of the gang. Army throws grenades at them while Gandia activates the safety lock. Tokyo, Manila, and Denver, now in close proximity of the Army, retreat to the kitchen and take shelter in there.

Money Heist Tokyo

In the flashback, Berlin, Rafael, Marsielle, Bogota, and Tatiana execute their heist in the Frederiksborg Castle, where Tatiana will be performing in a piano concert. They clone the card required by the security personnel to enter the vaults and sneak the replicas in. They bring the dementia-stricken father of the security guard who is at the entrance of the vault to distract him. Berlin and Rafael go in and replace the actual gold artifacts with their replicas and get out of there.

They go to the bathroom where Berlin throws the briefcase out the window in the water lake, startling and angering Rafael who doesn’t know that Bogota is underwater and they will be retrieving the briefcase in a boat ride they’ll take after the concert.

This episode of Money Heist Part 5 was another intense one. It had a lot of action, a lot of gunfires, and a lot of grenade explosions. It also had its bits of emotions just in the right places.

Stockholm was hallucinating and was seeing Arturo while shooting at the army. Her conscience is dirty because she blames herself for Arturo’s presumable death even after Denver and Manila have both tried to persuade her to not do it on different occasions. But that’s not how guilt works, is it?

We saw another flashback of Nairobi and Tokyo talking about death and the afterlife. It felt so good to see Alba Flores again as Nairobi. I missed her on screen.

During the rooftop chaos, Manila had a breakdown. She confessed to Tokyo and Denver that this whole ordeal is getting too much for her. One of the reasons she joined this heist was because the previous heist had turned out so well but this one isn’t going that well. It was realistically portrayed as anyone who is in such a situation would feel that way once in a while.

She also confessed that she has been in love with Denver all her life and the other reason she joined this heist was that she wanted to spend time with him. She also admitted that she felt jealous of seeing Denver with his wife, Stockholm, and son Cincinnati.

Many people suspected that she indeed had feelings for Denver the first time she was introduced in Money Heist Part 4. Tokyo calms her down by saying “No one will die today.” We hope this turns out to be true.


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