'Once Our Land' Animated Film in works with Mercury Filmworks and Goodbye Prod. - Craffic

One of the indie comics will surprisingly be produced by Mercury Filmworks and Goodbye Productions. Well, who could have seen this coming? The Mercury Filmworks studio has animated premium animation features and TV shows for various companies, including Disney, Netflix, and so on. Recent projects include Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, etc. The most recent one is the animated film adaptation of Indie Comic Once Our Land. Let’s dig in a little bit deeper into it.

Once Our Land is a tale set in 1830s Germany. Its story focuses on two survivors, Ingrid & Fritz, as they battle each day against mysterious invaders that have invaded and wiped out everything they used to know. It’s a tale for a wide range of age groups. It will be depicting 1830’s Europe, Once Our Land tells the story of an 11-year-old; a young girl named Ingrid forced to look out for herself in a ravaged city filled with gruesome beasts from another world.

In this cruel “past-apocalyptic” world where trust is hard to find, Ingrid forges an unlikely friendship with Fritz, an eye-patched warrior with an unexpectedly eccentric personality. Together, Fritz and Ingrid embark on a dangerous journey to roam the city they love, and to learn to trust again. It follows the old saying that it takes a village and at its core to be united to face adversity, and that turns out to be a very powerful message to be shown to the kids.

Once Our Land is a touching tale that signifies trust and friendship. It’s made for family audiences, so you don’t have to feel awkward while watching it with family cause there’s none of that stuff in here. Once Our Land is based on the graphic novel which was written by Peter Ricq.

The team has received Telefilm and Harold Greenberg development funds for this particular animated adaptation.



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