Author Rika Suzuki's fantasy manga Tableau Gate is nearing its end

Akita Shoten’s Princess Magazine in its July issue has announced the end of Rika Suzuki’s Tableau Gate manga with its volume 26 on May 14. The manga is entering its climax after 14 years of publication. The news went viral when Animate retail store posted a picture of the cover of the 25th compiled book volume of the manga on Twitter.


Tableau Gate manga is magic theme-based. The synopsis is quite simple with the series focusing on a lonely guy named Satsuki who in an encounter comes in possession of a mysterious collection of tarot cards. This collection or better known as ‘Tablet’ homes in its ‘Tableau’ which are the demonic powers. The owner of the Tablet, a girl named Lady tasks Satsuki to hunt these demons down. Soon we come to know that these creatures residing in the collection of tarot cards are creatures serving the master of those cards with their unique powers.


The fantasy, the shojo manga was brought to the masses in 2007 by author Rika Suzuki for Akita Shoten’s Princess Gold magazine. After 4 years of publication, the manga got transferred to Princess Magazine of the same publishing company in 2011. Tableau Gate got licensed for the west by CMX Manga and later JManga joined hands.

The manga is blessed with an incredibly loyal fanbase. The series has done an extraordinary job in blending drama and action in its fantasy world. There are no details about any anime adaptation yet. If interested you can give the manga a shot and share your comments down below.


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