Cowboy Bebop Spike

Set in 2071 Cowboy Bebop basically sticks to a bunch of bounty hunters operating, hunting down fugitives in space in order to afford a meal and no doubt bounty. It acted as a gateway that paved the way for the western audience toward the anime world due to its western influence. When we start analyzing cowboy bebop, we find superfluid fight scenes, forte loud and catchy soundtrack but the things who turned to be invincible were its philosophies, references, great characters, narratives, and deep thoughts. Here are some cool facts regarding Cowboy Bebop you never knew: –

  • If you find the name ‘Spike Spiegel’ cool, worry not you are not alone, the creators actually chose the name for the same reason. Spiegel actually means mirror which could be a reference to his past, but this was never officially revealed, it is mere speculation.
Spike Spiegel
  • Initially, only 13 episodes were released, and then came a special type of mishmash blues with the words “This is not the end you will see the real cowboy bebop someday”. Hence came the entire show in 1999.
Cowboy Bebop
  • The episodes are titled ‘Session’ most probably they were session of bounty. They were named after musical genres such as Heavy metal queen(ep7), Mushroom samba (ep17), and some after song names like Bohemian Rhapsody(ep14), Sympathy for Devil(ep6), etc.
Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Series traverse several metaphysical concepts such as existentialism and loneliness. Apart from this, it is best known for blurring lines between different genres such as westerns, Hong Kong action, noir, and sci-fi.
  • It still holds the title for one of the most amazing music in the anime world. Yokko Kanno, the composer created a brand for the anime only. The opening song tank is a gist of genres and the ending theme for cowboy bebop titled the real folk blues is one of the few songs in the series to have Japanese lyrics.
  • The creator stated, “The first image that occurred to me was one of Spike’s, and from there I tried to build a story around him, trying to make him cool”. To make him cool he was actually made look uncool normally. Spike is a former hitman for the Red Dragon syndicate where he met his rival Vicious. He wanted to escape that world with the love of his life after performing one last task but she never showed up and he barely managed to escape death. We can witness him tied to his past. Spike was originally supposed to have an eyepatch.
Cowboy bebop facts
  • Spike’s right eyes were replaced with a cybernetic eye in an accident. This artificial eye looks lighter in color. The dark clothing color in Spike’s suit was intended to reflect his state of mind.
Spike Spiegel fake eye
  • The antagonist Vicious (too predictable for a villain), believes that those who won’t fight shouldn’t be allowed to live. That is why he wants to kill Spike, the man who has renounced his violent past. The villain of the cowboy bebop film released in 2001, Vincent Villa was designed by pulling together Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

Its brand of sci-fi isn’t about portraying the future cities, shining world rather the futurism promised here lets science elements work in the background and push the character into the limelight. So, keep in mind that the stories are light on the technology that surrounds them.



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