Summer Time Rendering Anime reveals First Visual with 2022 Release

The first teaser visual for Summer Time Rendering is revealed on its official site and Twitter account. Along with the visuals, the release of 2022 is decided, but just like the premise of anime, most of the details regarding the release are still in mystery. Information regarding the exact release date, cast, staff, and even the animation studio behind it is not revealed. 

The story is written by Tanaka, Yasunori and the manga for Summer Time Rendering started its publication in Shounen Jump plus in 2017. Anime was announced along with the finish of manga at chapter 139 in January of 2021. The Summer Time Rendering manga was never as famous as other Jump Plus titles, but has a dedicated fan base and has garnered a lot of critical acclaims. 

The story is about Shinpei Ajiro. After the death of his parents, he started living with the Kofune sisters, Mio and Ushio. He has since left for Tokyo but when Ushio drowns while saving someone, he comes back to mourn her death.  

However, the mystery emerges behind the death of Ushio, as there were some strange bruises around her neck. After a vision from Ushio, asking Shinpei to “save Mio”, he decides to find the explanation behind Ushio’s death. But he soon realizes there is something dangerous going on at that place. The island is roaming with dangerous entities, and the more Shinpei investigates it, the more darkness he finds. 

For celebrating the announcement of Summer Time Rendering anime, mangaka Tanka decides to scout some locations with anime staff in Wakayama prefecture. Along with the anime, a real escape game will run at Wakayama’s island of Tomogashima during summer and a live-action adaptation is also in production. 


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