'The Family Man' Season 2: Milind you touched hearts!

The Family Man Season 2: Story so far

Raj & DK’s creation, The Family Man Season 2 is going amazing as ever. Srikant and Suchi have a fight and are not talking to each other. Srikant has also joined TASC back and has to travel to Chennai for a mission along with JK and Milind.

Raji has killed her boss and is getting rid of his body. She catches the eye of CI Umayal, who is investigating Nanda being missing, and flees before she gets caught. Srikant and JK are investigating the rebel’s houses in the same area and end up in Raji’s house. When Umayal raids Raji’s house and finds Srikant and JK there and arrests them.

The Family Man Season 2: Episode 5 and 6 (Spoiler Alert!)

The fifth episode of The Family Man Season 2, starts with Srikant and JK in lockup explaining to Umayal that they are agents for TASC. Umayal thinks that they are messing with her and have something to do with Nanda’s murder (because they were investigating the body when she found them).

They spend the night in jail and the next morning, Pandiyan comes to receive them. Umayal apologizes and later helps them gather information about Raji and officially becomes part of the investigation. They find out that Raji is a part of the Rebel’s elite unit.

Major Sameer has bought a flying school from one of Bhaskaran’s supporters (who is oblivious of their intentions) and uses it as a front for their mission. Raji joins Selva and Sajid on the premises after fleeing from her house in Chennai. They have to collect C4 from the rebels’ hiding place at Point Pedro with the help of a local smuggler and Selva’s associate, Jebaraj. While digging for the C4, they’re caught by forest guards and a fight ensues. Sajid and Raji kill the guards and Jebaraj and flee to Veeraranyam.

PM Basu’s PA Sambit (Vipin Sharma) contacts Government in Exile’s current president Deepan (Azhagam Perumal). Deepan meets up with Bhaskaran and concludes that he is onto something and relays this information to Sambit. Bhaskaran realizes this and flees his apartment in London.

This episode is one of the most hilarious episodes of the series ‘The Family Man’. The whole scene with Srikant and JK in jail had me laughing every 10 seconds. The episode had bits of comedy scattered throughout like Atharv’s antics, JK trying to flirt with Umayal, and of course, the whole ordeal with JK’s phone. The language barriers also added some comedic scenes to the episode.

Raji tells Sajid a story about her rebel friend and how she was executed by Rupatunga along with many other Sri Lankan Tamilians after surrendering to Sri Lankan government. While she is clearly on the antagonist side, she (and her community) has faced injustice and violence.

Perceiving from any other viewpoint, their way of retaliation seems morally wrong, but this is their way of finding justice for the ones they have lost. Everyone is the protagonist of their own story. In Raji’s case, even if we don’t support her and her actions, and we know that those actions will not be justified in any scenario, we understand where she is coming from.

The Family Man Season 2

The sixth episode of The Family Man Season 2, starts with Raji and Sajid reaching Veeraranyam where they meet Selva. Selva asks them about Jebaraj’s whereabouts and tells them that the detonator for C4 was hidden by him (probably in his house). Chellam (Uday Mahesh), a retired member of NIA gives Srikant information about Jebaraj and the gang decides to give him a visit. At the same time Selva, Sajid, and Raji reach there to collect the detonator.

They send Raji in who is seen by Umayal and an action sequence follows when all of them are chasing Raji, while Selva and Sajid leave from the area. Raji is eventually caught by them but has to be kept in a small local police station until backup arrives (which isn’t for hours). Sajid recruits local Tamil supporters and sympathizers to attack the precinct and free Raji. A crossfire starts in which many officers are killed and Raji is able to escape but not before severely injuring Umayal. Milind is also shot multiple times by Sajid and is killed.

This episode was full of action sequences and a whole lot of emotions. While being interrogated by Srikant and Umayal, Raji tells them her story, how her father and 9 years old brother were mercilessly murdered by the Lankan Army and how they raped her. She tells them that Bhaskaran had saved her from them and she’ll always be indebted and loyal to him. She has faced injustice, and no one deserves to go through what she and her community have gone through. They want to save and defend their community and have gone to the other side of good in order to achieve that.

Sajid, angry at Srikant, calls Salman (Kalyan) and asks him if he wants to execute “the plan”. He reminds me of what happened with his parents and emotionally blackmails him. This part of ‘The Family Man ‘ Season 2 highlights how numerous young people like Salman are brainwashed and recruited to fulfill an evil agenda.

Milind fought bravely in the whole episode. Even during his last breath, he saves Srikant’s life. He was a good, selfless man who died serving his country and saving others. RIP Milind, you touched hearts.

This episode of The Family Man caught us off guard with all these emotional scenes. It was heartbreaking to see Srikant and JK crying beside his lifeless body. In the scene when Srikant called Suchi and cried, everybody cried with him. The 20-second scene of when Zoya receives the news about Milind also broke hearts.


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