The motive to Bring Former HTC Designer Scott Croyle to Apple is Unfolded Now

Earlier, when Scott Croyle joined Apple everyone is in suspense to know his role there. As he worked on Android products like HTC One M7 and M8 for a long time. It is now unfolded the role of Scott Croyle to help in the design of Beats devices. Scott Croyle joined Apple in April 2020 as a Director and now he is going to be the first in-point person between the studios and beats products. Let us know more about it!

Apple and Beats

Earlier, there was a rumor that Apple is going to drop the Beats brand as they hired well-known Android Designer Scott Croyle. But there is no going to be a change in the dynamics of Beats with Apple. Beats are engaged with Apple to share audio technology with AirPods and design firm Ammunition will continue to create a look for Beats hardware products and company identity.

Apple Beats

The new thing that Apple is added that Scott Croyle will be the in-point person between the Beats and Ammunition. It is come to notice that Scott Croyle is not working full time on Beats but doing dual work in the brand and Apple. It is very disappointing to know that we will not able to see his caliber in future Beat Products.

New Products are On-line

New products of Beats are in progress and there is a report (via 9to5mac) that the team is been studying the audio products from other brands. 

The motive to Bring Former HTC Designer Scott Croyle to Apple is Unfolded Now

Beats has released several products over the last few years but the design of headphones has not changed much since 2019 Beats Solo Pro. There are chances that this time they would provide innovative designs for Beats Products shortly as they have a respected designer at the helm.

Through all this discovery, we can say that we will be going to see new headphones designs and the first speaker update. Since Scott Croyle has come to Apple all the dynamics of the audio brand have changed like Former President Luke Wood stepped down from his position and Apple Music Chief Oliver Schusser take over the division.



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