Superstar rapper Travis Scott has recently become an unconventional brand ambassador according to his new Forbes profile for promoting household companies like McDonald’s, Epic Games, and mostly by his recent partnership with Sony.

If you remember at the start of 2020, under his deal with Epic Games, Travis was featured in Fortnite. And made history by doing one of the largest virtual live concerts in a video game. During the virtual concert, a massive avatar of the superstar rapper performed some of the artist’s hit singles. Which attracted a record 12.3 million player audience and saw Travis Scott earning roughly $20 million from the event, according to Forbes.

Travis Scott

And months after that, Travis Scott unveiled his partnership with McDonald’s, which consisted of his very own meal, a very expensive Travis Scott action figures.

In late October, after his partnership with McDonald’s Travis Scott revealed that he and his Cactus Jack brand had joined Sony as a “strategic creative partner” to “produce innovative projects”. Then we saw the collaboration between the two launching the PS5 video below, which was created by Scott and featured some of the key people who worked on Sony’s current-gen console.

Well, what Sony further intends to produce with the help of Travis Scott is still a mystery to us, but a report from Forbes claims what could “roll out in the next couple of weeks”. Forbes says that the deal might include a special-edition Travis Scott PS5 console or possibly a video game designed by him. His deal with Sony will see him earning $20 million, but later an unnamed source has told Forbes that the deal a multiyear deal and could involve a cobranded console and even a game designed by artist. Whose musical work alone could him over $100 million.

As it’s no mystery that Travis Scott to some extent is a gamer (I mean from playing Fortnite with Ninja and Drake to hosting his own Fortnite virtual concert). It would be interesting to see what type of game he would help to design with his Astroworld creativity and while a special edition Travis Scott PS5 could simply be branded by one of his logos or album arts. Well to see all this happening, we simply have to wait until early or mid-2021.



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