Let's see what can En from Dorohedoro do with his magic

The ‘Devil-mask’ owner, mushroom lover En is one of the strongest sorcerers in the magic user’s world (Dorohedoro). Unofficially he is the ruler of the magic-user clan. This narcissistic fella is equally charming. He had a hellish upbringing, being thrown away in the river a flying devil dropped him into hell but to everyone’s surprise he lived through the hellfire and was brought back to the magic user’s world.

“Where one mushroom has grown, another can always sprout anew”

~ EN

Despite his self-centeredness, he is devoted to his family members and this is evident from his efforts he put to find the unknown time-sorcerer who can help him go back in time and prevent something from happening. But the things that differentiate him are listed as: he loves mushroom, eats mushroom, is obsessed with mushroom, and also his magic is Transformation type is Mushroom. Let’s check out some facts about bizarre magic.

Mushroom Armour:

The armour is popularly known as ‘The Ultimate Mushroom Defence’. This armour as the name suggests is fashioned from mushrooms. The most glamorous property this armour exhibits is the quick-self-repair, all thanks to the building material, mushrooms.

Mushroom Bomb:

These explosions aren’t those which we are used to seeing rather, mushroom bombs transform the victim into mushrooms. What Endo is, he makes the mushroom release spores which ultimately trigger microscopic spore infestation and turn them into mushroom.

En Dorohedoro Mushroom Bomb

Mushroom Spore Infestation:

When the target is resistant to En’s magic, he plants spores into their bodies and chokes them to death. When the target is immune to his transformational magic he sends the mushroom spores into the target’s body (generally via air tract). After that, it all depends on En, either he makes the spores to grow and rupture the organs or he can make to multiply in number and cuts off the airway choking the victim to death.

Mushroom Device:

This device is solely generated and functioned with the help of En’s magic. This magic-fuelled device acts as a database for other sorcerers as well. In the anime when Fujita was looking for En so that he can avenge his friend’s murder, En made the same device and contacted him, this device was looking like a walkie-talkie.

Mushroom Tracking:

En can track every mushroom of his, not a single one can remain out of his sight. In the anime En located Nikaido with the help of this ability as he planted a mushroom in her.

En Dorohedoro

Growth and Directional Mushroom control:

En can control the speed and rate at which the mushrooms can grow. He can use these to perform multidirectional attacks and apply different strategies in the same match.

Mushroom Dolls:

This can be called En’s trump card. En can make a gigantic doll that can shield not only him but few people as well. His Voodoo doll can completely resemble the target. These dolls can spawn from any mushroom growth. These dolls have far control features. These dolls can individually produce smoke and regenerate. These dolls are extremely powerful.


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