What made Kaneki The One

Need an emotional roller coaster ride, let’s dive right into the most iconic scenes from the 2015 anime Tokyo Ghoul. These scenes in between episodes 11 and 12 from season1, portray Kaneki’s mental tussle in a visually imposing and conspiring way. These scenes will be etched in our memory hence giving the definition of a powerful scene. Let’s breakdown those bizarre moments from Tokyo Ghoul.

Deal with Jason 

Jason believes that it is a lack of one’s ability that leads to his trampled condition. Before this Jason guy came into being, he used to be a normal ghoul, Yamori. He appeared to be some sort of danger for district 13. Thus, he was given to an insane and disturbed investigator in the Ghoul internment camp. He tortured Yamori endlessly until he became Jason, in a desperate try to escape this pain his mind did the only thing it could do to protect itself, create another personality.

Jason torturing Kaneki

He handed out the torture by believing that he and the investigator are the same, employing the same torture that he endured on his victims he became the brute himself. Jason has always been a fan of ghoul’s regenerative ability, with Rize being a part of Kaneki, her abnormal regenerative abilities pinnacled Jason’s interest. Further, he wanted to be the strongest of all, by crushing the one-eyed ghoul who is known as the most powerful of all he could do the same.

The specific method

Jason would cut Kaneki’s fingers and toes again and again throughout his pleasure. A ghoul’s body remains unaffected to piercings by any sharp object like knife and needle, etc unless it is the mucus membrane. Jason decided to pierce Kaneki’s eyes and made him feel more pain than he normally would. He injected Kaneki with this RC suppressant which alters the regeneration process for some time. Every time the RC wore off and Kaneki’s toes and fingers regenerated, Jason would repeat the vicious practice.


Kaneki said ” Since the first cut Yamari told me to count out loud backward by 7 from one thousand. I didn’t understand why at first, then I realized he was trying to keep me sane so I’d be aware of every single cut that followed.

I was clinging to every number meanwhile he took my fingers and toes over and over, over and over……Every time my fingers and toes grow back it was a reminder that I am not a human anymore, I am a monster”. These lines say pretty much everything


The moment Jason introduced the Chinese Red-headed centipede Kaneki lost his sanity. This centipede plays a major role in his transformation into a real one-eyed, thus, Kaneki’s Kakuja resembles this centipede


These white fields are resultant of the games Kaneki’s weary mind is playing. Kaneki is one of these white incarnations in the scene, pure and angelic. Soon these flowers are poured in with a red liquid appearing to be blood, signifying the cruelty Kaneki underwent. This signifies the pain and torture inflicted on him by Jason.

Kaneki and red flowers

Kaneki tries to find comfort, his mother, in his imagination, instead, he gets Rize. She starts to fill him with ominous thoughts. Then only we see these pure Carnation turning into red spider lilies, signifying deprivation and desertion.

The scene doesn’t illustrate carnation being withered by those lilies rather they are turning into them.


Jason creates a condition, “Choose left or right, Hana or Shuu. Choose who will die first”? Kaneki will decide who will die after watching his/her loved one die. Kaneki is unable to choose one, cause he wants to save them both. Kaneki’s standing for “it is better to be hurt than to hurt others” is engulfed by Jason’s standing for “lack of ability causes disadvantages”.

Kaneki killing Jason

Furthermore, Jason underlines that Kaneki’s failure leads to both husband and wife dying a horrible death. Rize also strikes him with the same point, attacking the foundation of his personality, the personality his mother gave him. Rize forces that it is Kaneki’s candid outlook causing all of these happening.


Rize is the red spider lily to Kaneki’s mother white carnation. After all these sufferings and new realization Kaneki has given his old self up. He decides to put his own desire over others. The physical torment and the mental control at the hands of two villains symbolize the factors restraining Kaneki to break through his abode. Kaneki says” I am not the one who is wrong the world is wrong” and the entire field of carnation blooms into red spider lilies. Kaneki is thus reborn with a new bold mindset and of course dyed hair.


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