What makes Hello World Anime Movie a must watch

The Hello World anime movie is one of the top-notch movies in animation and storyline. Recently this original animated picture by director Tomohiko Itō and studio Graphinica has debuted in the world largest populated country China on Friday last week, accomplishing and breaking the records in the box office, coming in the #1 spot on Friday, #4 on Saturday, and Sunday again coming in top 3 achieving #3 spot.

The movie first appeared in Japan in September 2019, The picture has earned a lot of praise in japan also, the movie earned a net profit of 40million yuan, which is nearly 687million yen in Japanese currency. This profit has been made during the entire run of the picture in japan, furthermore, the picture has hit the top ten list of anime movies in japan also coming on the spot #6 in the Japanese box office.

Reasons to watch The Movie

By the looks of the trailer, it may look like the movie “Your Name” but who knows what is upcoming in the movie. Maybe it is a love story with a lot of twists, thrills, action, and many more…

The use of 3DCG

The fans who love the taste of the traditional style of anime, might not like the plot of this, but by using the 3DCG the aura of the movie is so good that it has used its full potential to use the technology and make it super cool. For sure it has loads of super fantastic action and scenes.

Kyoto as it is….

Tomohiko Ito and its team have done a wonderful duty displaying the beautiful city of Kyoto in the Hello World anime movie,  if anybody has been to Kyoto before you would love to see the great ancient temples, towers, and all the famous places in Kyoto in 3d for the first time.

Great efforts of the creative team

From the creator of the top anime series” SWORD ART ONLINE”, this movie is in the hands of great artist Honcho TOMOHIKO with “lucky star” and “ Tamako Market” and great animator Yukiko Horiguchi, IF You like the animation, action the sense of character building in such big animes than you surely will dig deep into the Hello World anime movie. The quality of the anime creators is fantastic. 

A mixture of Shonen Genre

The director of Hello World anime movie is a genius, as he included time travel as well as love at the same time in the story, which is a stepping stone for the movie.

For sure the movie revolves around the romance and love theme particularly. Fortunately, the biggest element for the interest in this anime movie is the sci-fi genre, having mixed with the computing world and cheesy lines the movie is set to roll out in the cinema also.

What makes Hello World Anime Movie a must watch

Release of movie internationally

Hello World anime movie is in the top league. Rather it is games or any field, it’s better to watch such amazing movies like “Hello World” at this time. Hello World has been a success in Japan and China, but it has been released internationally in the Philippines also.

It is not confirmed that more countries will get the famous movie on the screen, movie distributors may face a challenge to ignore such a sci-fi romance-based picture. 

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO WATCH A SCI-FI STORY WHICH HAS A LOT OF ROMANCE, LOVE WITH TWISTS. You can watch the Hello World anime movie on Netflix right now.


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