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WhatsApp has been facing backlash worldwide after announcing its new privacy policy, which will allow the company to share its data with Facebook. However, after threatening to remove core functions for users if they refused to accept its new privacy policy by May 15 earlier this month. Facebook who owns Whatsapp, in its latest reversal on Friday, said that “They have changed the plan, and won’t limit functionality even if any users don’t accept the updated policy”, reports TNW.

A WhatsApp spokesperson told The Verge that the company has decided not to limit the app’s functionality after discussing the matter with authorities and privacy experts. Here’s what he said in a statement,

“Given recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make clear that we will not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who have not yet accepted the update”.

On WhatsApp’s updated support page, the company claims that the most of users who have seen the update have accepted it. And this seems to be a temporary decision, as the company said that it doesn’t ‘currently’ have plans to limit the app functionality for those who have not accepted its privacy policies.

Initially, the deadline to accept was for February, but the company pushed that date back to May 15 after being criticized by lawmakers, consumer rights advocates, and its own users. The main issue is how this updated policy lets WhatsApp handle its user’s data, raising concerns that it would begin giving that information to its parent company, Facebook.

In the FAQ page, the company claimed that this new policy primarily affects business messaging and Facebook will not have access to user’s location data or message logs.

Rival messaging platforms Telegram and Signal are enjoying a surge in downloads since WhatsApp has announced its deadline for adopting its new privacy policy. 



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