Zlatan Ibrahimovic To Make Film Debut as 'AntiVirus' in ‘Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom’ - Craffic

AC Milan and Sweden striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, best Known for his outlandish claims and maverick presence, will be making his big-screen debut in the next Asterix film Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom (previously known as Asterix & Obelix: Silk Road).

As reported by Deadline, the 39-years-old football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic is all set to follow the long tradition of footballers going into acting. And in the case of Zlatan, this won’t come as a surprise for his fans. Because the striker has himself cleared previously that he will not be taking a well-worn manager or pundit route after finishing his playing career.

Sweden international, Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirmed the news by posting the word “Antivirus”, the name of the character he will be playing in the film, on his social media accounts. For more clarity, the striker will play a Roman character called “Caius Antivirus” in Asterix and Obelix: the Middle Empire being directed by Guillaume Canet, it is the fifth film in the well known French-language live-action series.

For now, recently recalled to the Swedish national team after 2016, legendary striker Zlatan is trying to qualify AC Milan for the Champions League, who are currently second in Serie A. As for the film which has a budget of over €60M, production will take place in France and Morocco.

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