Anohana anime announced its 10th-anniversary project - Craffic

On their 10th anniversary, Anohana has announced a new project. The statement has been released on their official Twitter account. Further details about the project will be revealed by the staff on a special 10th-anniversary website.

Anohana was a major hit when in 2011 its anime adaptation version was released. Following the popularity, a film sequel was released in 2013 and a live-action version in 2015. Crunchyroll began the streaming of the English Dub in Jan 2020 and Funimation in August 2020. You can watch the series with English dub and sub on Netflix.

Anohana: The Flower We Say That Day features a young man named Jinta and his small group of friends who try to reunite in high school, after separating five years earlier due to a tragedy. Several years prior, one of their best friends, Menma died, unfortunately. But now Menma returned as the older version of herself as some sort of spirit/ghost-like thing.

These friends go about trying t figure out a way for Menma to peacefully send to heaven. Thus, the story of Anohana in a nutshell, attempting to figure out how to let Menma pass on and also digging into the lives of all characters to see how Menma’s death has affected them in various different ways.

A key art has been released on their Twitter account featuring a grown-up version of the cast. A special Anohana event will be organized in Japan and further details will be released on August 28.


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