“Avatar” has once again reclaimed its crown as the highest-grossing film of all-time, as James Cameron’s 2009 film’s box office gross surpassed $2.802 billion worldwide on Saturday, allowing it to overtake 2019’s “Avengers: Endgame” to reclaiming its top spot once again.

According to Deadline, the re-release of sci-fi epic in China has helped “Avatar” to push its gross worldwide and further making its box office total to $2.798 billion, which edges out “Avengers: Endgame”, which previously won the title back in 2019, with a box office total of $2.797 billion. Cameron’s 2009 film first claimed the spot of the top-selling global release of all time in 2010, overtaking Cameron’s “Titanic” for the same.

“We are proud to reach this great milestone, but Jim and I are most thrilled that the film is back in theaters during these unprecedented times, and we want to thank our Chinese fans for their support,” said producer Jon Landau in a statement. “We are hard at work on the next Avatar films and look forward to sharing the continuation of this epic story for years to come.”

Both Marvel and Avengers: Endgame’s directors Joe and Anthony Russo, took the social media to congratulate James Cameron on this occasion.

Now Marvel fans who are feeling bad about Avatar edging out Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, there’s a possibility that Endgame might take back its crown, as Disney put its Marvel films back in theaters as part of marathons or fan events before releasing new entries. So it’s entirely possible that Endgame returns to theaters and beat Avatar to claim the top spot in near future. And of course, the real winner here is, as usual, Disney, who owns both the outings. For being more specific, Disney owns the top five highest-grossing films of all time and eight of the top ten.

Meanwhile, Cameron is currently working on multiple sequels (five actually) for the Avatar franchise. With Avatar 2 scheduled for December 16, 2022 release and Avatar 3 for December 2024, we can expect the fourth and fifth sequel to arrive sometime in December 2026 and December 2028 respectively.



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