Haikyu!! Anime will be converted into a Smartphone Game soon

G HOLDINGS announced on Friday that they are going to convert the anime series Haikyu!!, into a smartphone game. As they have attained all the rights to develop the game on the anime series.

Haikyu!! is a Japanese manga written on genre sports, it is based on volleyball, and made by HARUICHI FURUDATE. It was serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Details of the game will be released later, but it came in the news that it will have a story mode concept so that the player relives the animation.

Why Watch “Haikyu!!”?

An animated series that targets the youth, who love sports action, thrill, a desire to win, full of excitement, it is the 4th best-selling anime series in 2020, sold over 50 million copies overall, is a hit in itself set in high school volleyball by HARUICHI FURUDATE.


The protagonist, SHOYO HINATA, who joined the Karasuno High School volleyball team, desire to become a “little giant,” was a boy who excels in physical skills, his passion for volleyball was at its zenith. At the time of  junior high school, Hinata missed the opportunity to improve his skills in volleyball, but when he entered the Karasuno High School, where he met “THE KING OF THE COURT – TOBIO KAGEYAMA”, who was defeated in the final game of junior high school….

At first, the two repelled each other but as time passed, they became friends, later they made a special attack called “the weirdo haste”, which was popularly known. The best anime series based on youth sports, aiming to win the national championship with their teammate in order to see the “pinnacle dream” that cannot be seen by a single player.

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