Apart from sports itself, sports anime provide better ground to a sport than any other medium. Trust me! They do provide justice to sports. There are tons of sports anime/manga out there, some focus on the game itself, some use sports to express a character, some illustrates a character-driven story using sports. So, let us dive into such sports animes, which you will love to watch if you are a baseball fan.

One outs 

Tokuchi from One Outs

Tokuchi’s prime motive is victory, he can do anything to achieve it. This is the protagonist of this under-rated anime more like an anti-hero. There are no teamwork and management concepts here rather a psychological setup is fascinating to watch. Toua Tokuchi plays psychological games with his opponents. He is a heedless gambler and is made to work as a pitcher for Saikyou Saitama. He always had a strategy and will always have one, using his manipulation skills he scans his opponent instantly as a great gambler would. Any cheating is not allowed, will backfire.

Ace of diamond

Ace of Dimond anime

Diamond no ace revolves around Sawamura Eijun and his cosmic evolution into the ace pitcher of Seidou high, a prestigious baseball school. Initially, Sawamura has some pretty normal dreams but once he enters Seidou high, everything starts evolving. He will need more than just skills to reach his goal. You will find attitude issues, player psychology, failures, best side characters, and a great overall cast in the anime. If you want to see some best in-game tension build-ups you should definitely give it a shot.

Big windup

Big Windup

 It mainly focuses on the technical aspect of baseball. You wouldn’t find it a fast-paced anime with pretty good matches because you will see it moving around the characters more. Ren Mihashi has lost his confidence due to the rough history of his school baseball team but when he enters Nishiura High baseball team he gradually starts to revive. How Ren’s emotions are conveyed is great to watch. On-ground Abe, the catcher, and off-ground Ren have the highest screen time, and it’s good to watch.

Cross game

Cross game anime

Cross game is based on the manga written by Mitsuru Adachi. The protagonist Kou isn’t into baseball but he had to make a baseball team so that they would buy the equipment from his store, but things turn different once he enters the circle. The atmosphere might confuse you to believe that it is a light-hearted anime trust me it’s not. The characters give the anime a plus point. Cross Game is not just baseball it’s drama as well.


Moshidora anime

It takes a different turn, showcases how a team is managed instead. Minami Kawashima uses business principles to manage her school baseball team (by mistake). You may get disappointed in the gameplay shown but remember it is about managing the team. The ending is predictable too. But you can give it a shot due to this out of the ordinary plot.   

Star of the giants

Star of the Giants

It is based on the manga written by Ikki Kajiwara and was the first sports anime adaptation in 68. The story features Hyuma Hoshi who wants to become a professional just like his father, who was a top star once. Hyuma has been training under his father from the very beginning and then he joins Yomiuri Giants for a great future ahead and faces many backlashes in form of balancing expectations and Mitsuru Hanagata. The character design is powerful and there are well-etched lines for everyone. The team featured; Yomiuri Giants was a real team actually.



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