Attack on Titan is really about to end this year. It has been confirmed that the final chapter will be released in the Bessatsu Shonen Manga’s May issue. The official day of release is April 9th. Isayama himself announced it, he said: “I am sorry, it’s finally over.” This means the manga would most likely round up in around 140 chapters. With the left 4-5 chapters, a story can easily be concluded, but with lots of questions and theories to be answered, it is not clear how Isayama will manage everything in such a short duration?

A heavy load of detail skipping might take place. We are unaware of the spinal cord resembling creature, and the whole connection with Norse mythology thing. We saw Ymir running away from the executioners and falling into a tree/goop. The liquid present there turned her into a titan. But no further details have been provided regarding this tree. Fans theorize that Eren might die in the end and stop the rumbling thus, undo the titan curse forever. If this theory becomes relevant, then it is speculated that Mikasa could be the one to lay the final blow on Eren. But what matches the reality of this anime is the people in the alliance have to die for the ending.

Attack on Titans eren and mikasa

Attack on Titans has been a sensation among the anime community from the very first episode. The passion, action, characters, and mystery are the pillars of this mind-boggling anime. Currently, Attack on Titan’s Season 4 is airing, you can stream them on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.



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