The Batman Trailer: Important Things We Know So Far

Batman is finally out of the Batcave! The Batman trailer was announced at the DC Fandome. DC fans finally got their chance to sneak on the first look at the Caped Crusader, The Riddler, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon and the director Matt Reeves’ Gotham City. Reeves cleared that the movie takes place in the second year of Batman’s career. By the fact that the story is from the starting period, Batman has still not faced those supervillains yet. And yes, the trailer is still dark colour graded.

The trailer opens with a strange duct-tape ripping sound then offers a brief view at a masked man in a green overcoat with a mask helping him in covering his identity.

 Many fans suspect that this is Paul Dano’s Riddler, who is preparing a grisly riddle for the Batman. But here is a catch. The riddler is not wearing his iconic question mark suit and also is missing his cane. Well, the thing is, to match the gritty and grounded tone of the trailer, they had to drop the suit out.

Image of The Riddler in The Batman trailer

The victim or the riddle is a man whose face is all duct-taped with words “No More Lies” scrawled in red ink. “Lies” is a word often used by the Riddler and is a recurring motif. The word can also be seen a few times over things like the Gotham gazette pinned to the wall.

Still of the Riddler's grisly riddle in The Batman trailer

Jeffrey Wright who is playing Commissioner Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department investigates the crime scene after the intro. He discovers a card with a cryptic message inside. The card reads “Haven’t a clue? Let’s play a game, just me and you,”. There are also some mysterious symbols at the bottom. A handwritten riddle also appears on the other side of the card, reading “What does a liar do when he’s dead?” And that green envelope is addressed to the Batman. 

One of the riddles in The Batman trailer


Then we finally get to see Robert Pattinson suited up in the Bat Suit.

Still of The Batman

Batman is working willingly with the GCPD, a thing that was missed in the previous movies. And from that, we can figure out that this time our Batman is highlighting his detective character. 

Previous Batman was an absolute brawler. Sometimes in the comics, Batman’s brand of vigilante justice gets him in a feud with the police, so this points to a cooperative relationship for now. Maybe this alliance is not for that long which can be seen later in this trailer. 

The next scene starts at a press conference in front of GCPD’s building, maybe after discovering the crimes of the Riddler. Then Bruce Wayne appears, hanging back from the crowd of reporters, to stay stealthy. Then puts on his bike helmet. He’s not in his Bat Suit but still has that black makeup around his eyes, maybe from his last suit-up. After that, He rides back to the Batcave. As it is the second year of Batman, the Batcave, which is a bit low-grade and is still in development, unlike the previous high tech Batcaves we’ve seen. 

Image of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman trailer

“You’re becoming quite a celebrity,” says an unseen British accent voice. He probably is Bruce’s Iconic butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Andy Serkis is playing as Bruce Wayne’s Butler. Bruce Wayne is usually portrayed as a billionaire playboy. So the dialogue presumes that Alfred pointing to the growing notoriety of Batman.

The next scene strikes Riddler again. And this time sending a car with a duct-taped victim through what appears to be a funeral. Bruce is again, in the crowd, and he dives to save a man from getting hit from that car. The driver steps out with a hideous walk. Another letter addressed to Batman, is duct-taped to the victim’s chest. The scene seems suspicious and noteworthy. As Bruce was also there at the funeral and the accident was to give another riddle to the Batman.


Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman appears in the next scene. Doing the usual Catwoman stuff. Robbing a safe that maybe is inside the Wayne manor or any other building. Later in the trailer, Batman and Catwoman have a brief fight scene in that same place. And like The Riddler’s low-key costume, our beloved hot villain is suited up in a simple black mask and a black leather bodysuit.

Still of Catwoman in The Batman trailer

The trailer shows a brief glimpse at the unrecognizable Colin Farrell’s crime lord Penguin. He is standing in the rain outside the Gotham Sanitation depot. Perhaps the place is a hideout for his goons.

A Still of  Penguin from The Batman trailer

A group of black-and-white face painted henchmen, usually, a calling card of the Penguin’s crew. One of them tries to bully Batman and foolishly takes on him later in the trailer. The Dark Knight easily beats one to the pulp. The rest of them just stay there standing and of course, they are frightened.

We then see flashes of the Batman in a feud with a crowd of GCPD officers. Finally, the Batmobile roars to life during a chase scene with Penguin. And the Caped Crusader shakes off a point-blank shot to the chest, luckily, his Batsuit saves him.

Image of the Batmobile from the trailer The Batman

 Batman also uses the classic grappling hook to zip up a stairwell. The stairwell appears to be full of GCPD officers shooting at him. Here ends the cooperation between the Dark Knight and GCPD. Such a turn in the trailer from working peacefully with the police to evading the Police department. 


The final moments of the trailer show Bruce taking off his cowl in the Batcave. As he is doing that, a mysterious voice on his computer deeply says “You’re a part of this too.” probably the voice is not of Alfred’s, and it sounds more like of Riddler’s voice.

Image of Batman played by Robert Pattinson in his batcave

 “How am I a part of this?” asks Batman, to which the voice replies “You’ll see.” 

The catch in the ending is how Riddler finds a way to contact Batman directly at his Batcave. Could Riddler have discovered Batman’s real identity?

And Where is Carmine Falcone the mob boss, played by John Turturro? What other creepy and evil deeds will the Riddler do to wreak havoc on Gotham? What things is the Kingpin of Crime, the Penguin planning? And most importantly, will The Batman be able to save Gotham from them? We have to wait for 2021 to get to know more about it. 



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