The Family Man Season 2: The Final Act

The Family Man Season 2: Story so far

Till now in the second season of The Family Man, we have seen the coalition that the terrorists have made with the Sri Lankan Tamil rebels. Their mission involves Raji flying a plane stacked with C4 to a venue where the Indian PM and the Sri Lankan President will be having a bilateral meeting. Sajid also has a side mission to get back at Srikant and for this, he has made his men, Syed and Salman, kidnap Dhriti. In order to free herself, Dhriti had to kill Salman but Sajid and Syed showed up at the last moment. Meanwhile, police officer Shinde has found out the address of Syed’s apartment.

The Family Man Season 2: Episode 9 (Spoiler Alert!)

The final episode of The Family Man Season 2, starts with Srikant, Ajit, and other officers reaching Syed’s residence building. Shinde, posing as a security guard, finds out that Sajid is also in the apartment along with Syed. Sajid and Syed infer that something might be wrong and decide to kill Dhriti and leave. Dhriti, hearing this, blocks her door with a bed and Sajid and Syed have to escape through the window, leaving her. Srikant and others enter the apartment and find Dhriti who is sent to the hospital. Sajid and Syed are unable to escape and are killed by the officers.

JK is lying unconscious by the roadside and is spotted by a local. The man, presuming he is dead, steals his wallet and phone. When the phone is activated, TASC officers track down the man who leads them to JK.

The Family Man Season 2: The Final Act

Raji and her gang have escaped Tigris aviation premises, dismantled the plane, and have loaded it into a truck. They are on the way to a property belonging to one of Bhaskaran’s friends where they can assemble the plane back, take it off, and execute the mission. They are stopped at a truck stop where they are asked for a transit permit. Raji bribes one of the officers with sex and he lets them go. They reach their destination where Bhaskaran’s friend has backed them up with more men to fight for them. They assemble the plane back.

The PI that Deepan hired has found Bhaskaran in France and he relays this information to Deepan. Deepan reaches there with the cops and tells Bhaskaran that their Government in Exile won’t be recognized now owing to his plan. Bhaskaran still defends his action and dies by consuming poison.

Pandiyan received information that the rebels have transported aircraft by dismantling them before and they conclude that they have done the same this time. They reach the truck stop where a local shopowner confirms that the rebels were indeed there. Srikant contacts Chellam who suspects that the rebels must have gone to the said property. Srikant and Pandiyan raid the area and a big crossfire ensues.

Raji manages to get to the plane and start it on a runway while Srikant and Pandiyan are chasing it and firing towards it. The plane takes off but the officers are still firing it. The C4 is detonated by the constant gunshots and the plane is exploded mid-air seconds after take-off killing Raji.

The political meeting goes on peacefully and after a few days, Srikant and the gang receive awards for their contribution in preventing the attack. While everything seems to go fine with Srikant’s family life, she and Suchi get talking and Suchi says she wants to tell him something.

The Family Man Season 2, ended with the hinting of yet another possible attack on India and the Chinese may be involved.

Thoughts about Season 2 Finale

The Family Man Season 2: The Final Act

In season 2 of The Family Man, we never got to know what did actually happen in Lonavala and we still have to wait for the third season to know the exact events. However, Suchi’s interactions with her therapist point more towards the “Oh she did cheat” scenario.

The Family Man gave us another great season finale. This episode was amazing in all aspects. The pace was on point, there were emotions, thrill, and peace at last. They did not have a big cliffhanger like the last season but did leave us at a less intense curiosity for the next season.

The episode had a lot of action sequences, chase scenes, gunfires, and thrillers. Two major characters of the season, Raji and Sajid, die in the episode. Both the scenes were intense and did justice to both the characters. They both died doing their missions.
The Srikant-Dhriti reunion scene was such a powerful and emotional scene. Manoj and Ashlesha both performed the scene amazingly well but Ashlesha shined throughout.

Srikant and JK’s hospital scene was also an emotional one and truly heartwarming. The finale did justice to the season in every way possible. As I have mentioned multiple times, the whole season was slower than the first but the last two episodes get the pace back. Some people can say that the last episodes felt rushed, but I personally loved the speed of events being unfolded in the episode.

The Family Man Season 2: Overall Performance

If I have to compare the first season with the second season of The Family Man, I loved both of them but I loved the first season more. If season 1 is a 5 then season 2 is a solid 4. The pacing was obviously done better in the first season than in the second. The camera placement and cinematography of the first season has received many applauds and that kind of work seemed missing in the season. It may be because of covid restrictions but I really missed all those one-take scenes in the show.

Manoj Bajpayee was as always amazingly amazing in this season. I love the actor and I loved his character. One thing I love the most about his arc is that he is not that good in physical combat. He has the brains, he has the street smarts, he is a star negotiator but he does not have that many physical fighting skills. This creates a perfect balance for the character with respect to his profession.

One thing I liked better in the second season was the better seen development of non-main characters. They focused more on Dhriti and Atharv in this season and they both thrived and I loved both their performances. The season wouldn’t be the same without Milind, Pandiyan and Umayal who all aced it. Even the two minutes appearance of Zoya had an impact, not in the storyline but in our hearts. The most interesting character of the series was hands-down, Chellam. He saves the day multiple times and his paranoia was very interesting and funny. He has stolen the internet.

Raji’s character stole my heart in the season and Samantha Akkineni added something extra to the show. Even in the episodes where she doesn’t say anything, we know what she is thinking. Her constant one expression expresses a ton of emotions and feelings at the same time. Her eyes act, her eyes scream.

If the directors were trying to make the audience hate Suchitra, they managed to do it although I doubt that they were trying to do so. She annoyed the viewers as a character in most of her scenes as no one can really connect to her side of the story or her perspective. I felt like if they focused more on her struggle with her mental health issues, we could have connected with her more. Regardless, Priyamani was awesome in the season and even though I didn’t like the character, I loved the actor.

The same goes for Seema Biswas who played PM Basu. I liked her acting, but I hated the character. For the entire season, the woman only wanted to feed her ego and only cared about her reputation knowing full well that she is putting her own as well as thousand other lives in turmoil.

The Family Man Season 2 was awesome and Raj & DK didn’t fail to keep their audience hooked with yet another amazing season. I know it’ll not be on for a long time, but I’m already looking forward to the next season of The Family Man. I can’t wait to see how they write about the China thing and the pandemic but not gonna lie, I am most eager to know “Lonavala mein kya Hua tha?” and what will it do to Srikant and Suchi’s marriage.


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