The Family Man Season 2: To a hero!

The Family Man Season 2: Story so far

The second season of The Family Man has gathered a lot of attention and love from the audience and it truly deserves that. This show has returned with another phenomenal season and has passed all the expectations that fand held for it.

So far in The Family Man Season 2, it is revealed that the terrorists and the rebels are planning an attack that involves explosives. Sajid and Raji collect those explosives but killed the man who possessed the detonator. While on the way to collect that detonator, Raji is caught and taken into custody by Srikant and the gang. To save Raji, Sajid attacks the police station she is being held in and succeeds in freeing her, killing numerous officers including Milind in the process.

The Family Man Season 2: Episode 7 and 8 (Spoiler Alert!)

The Family Man Season 2: To a hero!

The seventh episode of The Family Man Season 2, starts with Sajid rushing a severely injured Raji in Tigris flying school’s premises. Sajid is building a detonator on his own. Selva reveals their plan to deck the C4 on a plane which Raji will be flying on the day of Basu and Rupatunga’s meeting. After being done with the detonator, Sajid bids farewell to Raji and leaves for Mumbai.

Umayal is hospitalised. Srikant’s boss Kulkarni (Dalip Tahil) informs him that they have found Jebaraj’s body at Point Pedro along with the Sri Lankan guards. This raises the question that why did Raji return to Jebaraj’s house after knowing full well that he is dead? To find the answer, Srikant, JK, and Pandiyan go to Jebaraj’s house again. They search around the house and find the detonator and conclude that the terrorists and the rebels are planning an explosion.

Dhriti asks her friend Mahima to cover for her as she is going out with Kalyan and tells Suchi that she is going out with Mahima. Suchi and Dhriti have an argument and Dhriti lashes out at Suchi and storms out. Later, Dhriti decides to go to Kalyan’s home. When Dhriti doesn’t return for a while, Suchitra calls Mahima and uncovers the truth from her. She calls Arvind over and contacts Srikant. Srikant asks his colleague, Ajit (Vijay Vikram Singh) who is in Mumbai, to track Dhriti’s number. They find the phone on a train but not Dhriti. Srikant decides to return to Mumbai.

So far, The Family Man Season 2 has been slow-paced, but this episode seemed like the slowest one yet. Not much happened in this episode.

Basu’s argument against changing the schedule and/or venue seemed very flawed and based entirely on keeping up her image and reputation. She is so far the most annoying character of the season (yes, even more than Suchi).

Both Atharv and Dhriti think that their parents are going through a fight and might get divorced. While Dhriti lashed out at Suchitra, Atharv tried to be the mature one here. He is absolutely adorable.

I really liked Sajid and Raji’s chemistry (platonically). They looked so good and in sync when together. They made a good team. This made their farewell a bit emotional but overall heart warming and good to watch. The fact that they knew that they’ll never be meeting again (as the plan included Raji had to be in the plane that exploded) added an emotional weight to the scene. Raji didn’t say anything throughout the scene but damn her eyes can speak.

There is a short scene in which the TASC agents toast Milind while his favorite song is playing in the background. That scene is also a subtle ode to SP Balasubrahmanyam, the legendary singer of the song who sadly passed away last year from Covid.

The eighth episode of The Family Man Season 2, starts with Dhriti shouting for help. She is kidnapped by Salman and it tied up. When Dhriti tries to ask him why he reveals the true nature of Srikant’s job to her (well his version of the true nature). Srikant returns to Mumbai and his team is on the hunt for Dhriti. Srikant questions Mahima who tells him that he has a keypad phone which increases his suspicion about the terrorists kidnapping Dhriti and his suspicion is confirmed when Sajid calls him. They gather CCTV footage from the mall and circulate Salman and Syed’s pictures. Police officer Shinde finds out the address of their apartment.

In Chennai, JK and Pandiyan find more information about Raji and Selva and conclude that they are planning an air attack. They gather information about flying schools in Chennai and pay a visit to Tigris Aviation. Selva and Raji hide while their men, Karthik (M. Ranjith) and Prabhu (Rajesh Balachandran) try to make them leave by asking for a search warrant. JK and Pandian send their other officers to arrange the warrant and they take the car. Hours pass by and both of them are still waiting for the warrant.

While Pandiyan tries to distract Prabhu, JK sneaks in and finds the explosives on the plane. Raji and Selva attack them and they try to flee but are surrounded by the rebels. JK proposes to split up and cover for Pandiyan while he tries to escape. Pandiyan manages to do so unharmed but JK is shot while trying to escape later. He still manages to walk a distance but passes out.

While Syed has gone to pick Sajid up, Dhriti cries and begs Salman to let her go. Salman unties her hands but refuses to let her go. Dhriti, who has broken a shard of glass from the window stabs Salman multiple times and kills him. She then unties her feet, collects Salman’s phone, and tries to escape but at the last moment, Sajid shows up and knocks her down.

This episode was one of the best ones of The Family Man season 2 and was comparatively fast-paced than the other episodes. In the scene when Srikant hugs Suchi, not many people may have noticed this but this is the first and only time in the entire two seasons when we see Srikant and Suchi touch each other. This shows the distance that has grown between them after 16 years of marriage.

JK and Pandiyan went to Tigris because they suspected Raji or Selva to be there. Later, they send the other officers and their car away. I found it really sloppy and completely stupid on their part. However, I can’t wait to see what happens with JK and hope to God that he isn’t killed off.

Ashlesha Thakur did her best one here and stole the limelight of the episode for me. Dhriti was betrayed by someone she trusted and was sacred to her life. To defend herself, she does the unthinkable and kills Salman by stabbing him repeatedly in the neck. This scene was very powerful and the acting was commendable.

The next episode of The Family Man Season 2 is the finale and I am really looking forward to how they wrap up all the events and the season.


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