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Hey readers, hope you all are doing well. So, today we are going to find out “What happened to King Of the Hill”. But first, as always we must tell what is King Of The Hill to our dear readers who are not aware of it before.

King Of The Hill is an animated TV series whose main protagonist is Hank Hill, a propane salesman. He lives with his wife Peggy who is a substitute teacher, his son Bobby a wannabe comedian, and deadbeat niece Luanne. Having stereotypical views about God and country, he is unpretentious and sees the world simply. Hanks’ friends since elementary school are his neighbors in the block.

The King Of The Hill created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels was first aired on 12 January 1997 and ended on May 6, 2010. It had 13 seasons in all and this American animated Sitcom series had 259 episodes in total.

Talking about the cast, the following were the main cast of the series:

  • Mike Judge as Hank Hill
  • Kathy Najimy as Peggy Hill
  • Pamela Adlon as Bobby Hill
  • Stephen Root as Bill Dauterive
  • David Herman as Buckley

How it started??

King of the HIll

So dear readers, I know you are getting too excited to know “WHAT HAPPENED TO KING OF THE HILL” but before that let’s just find out how The King Of The Hill started. There is an interesting story behind it. Mike Judge was a graduate of Bachelors of Science in physics from the University of California in Santiago. After graduation, he did odd jobs and later lost interest in engineering so moved to the animation field making his own animated short films. He created and directed them himself.

Later when Judge, after making a hit short film, was approached by Fox for the MTV series Beavis and Butt-Head. After the success of Beavis and Butt-Head at MTV, Fox asked Judge to develop an animated series where the network could pair up with The Simpsons. Now here was the twist, Judge belonged from the southwest so he had less idea about Texas and so produced a rough idea of Texas-set series.

So at this point, Fox executives asked him to find a seasoned comedy writer and then come up with a script. Then for this, he was paired with Greg Daniels. Greg Daniels was an experienced writer who even had worked on The Simpsons in the past. Greg added a lot of his own ideas and own elements and improvised the original idea of Judge. Even the characters Luanne and Cotton Hill were also his ideas.

In 1997, the King of The Hill debuted on Fox network and the work done by the duo of Judge and Daniel got immensely popular and proved a success. It was so perfect that it remained consistent in terms of satire, funny and smartness.

The Success

The KING OF THE HILL became the longest-running series on TV and became popular worldwide. It was ranked among the top 100 greatest television shows by Times Magazine in 2007. Not only this but it was also nominated for Emmy Awards 7 times and won 2 times. It grabbed a lot more awards like the Annie Award, Golden Reel Award, Kids Choice Award, and many more from time to time.

What Happened to King of the Hill?

What Happened to King of the Hill

The King of The Hill was aired for 13 years but in 2010 the show got cancelled by Fox. So readers, here are the few reasons for your questions like “What happened to the King of The Hill” or “Why it got cancelled”.

One of the reasons may be that Fox wanted space for Cleveland and so in order to do that they canceled the King of The Hill. Another reason can be that season 9 of King of The Hill got only 4.8 million views which were low which means its popularity declined. But here we can not deny the fact that after season 9 the ratings again raised and it was reported that by season 12 it received 6.6 million views.

Also according to reports Judge now had a lot more projects like Beavis and Butt-head Revival etc. and now he had somewhere lost interest in the King of The Hill. In one of his interviews, he said that he actually thought that that was a good time to stop. Then again he wanted to stop six to seven years ago but felt like it got really good after that. At the same time, he would rather prefer to quit while they were ahead rather than run it into the ground.

Maybe one reason could be that the concept of season 12 was not much liked as it sounded quite odd now and so Fox thought of investing in MacFarlane’s vision rather than on Judge’s idea.

So for the above reasons here came the end season 13 with 24 episodes and hence the last episode was aired on May 6, 2010, leading to an end of the King of The Hill series.

Hence, this was all about the post on “WHAT HAPPENED TO KING THE OF HILL”. Do write your opinions and suggestions about the post in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.


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