Class 3-E, of pretty normal students, is assigned to assassinate their teacher. This is the gist of the anime Assassination classroom. This teacher is famously known as ‘Korosensei’. ‘Koresensei’ is a combination of two Japanese words, ‘Korosenai’+ ‘Sensei’ which means unkillable teacher. We’ll call him Koro. Koro is a yellow octopus-like creature with a huge head and tentacles. Even his traits also show similarity to an octopus, he has a high intellect, extreme survival skills, wisdom, and regeneration as well.

Koro is a threat to earth, he has already blown up 70% of the moon’s surface. Thus, he is targeted by governments worldwide. Falling every single attempt to kill him, at last, the Japanese government puts a bounty of ‘10 Bn yen’ and accepts Koro’s demand to teach class 3E of Kunugigaoka junior high school.

Assassination Classroom

These facts make Assassination Classroom a must-watch: –

  • Students are authorized to try and assassinate Koro in every possible way, but the reverse is not allowed. Otherwise, Koro will be made to drop his privilege to teach them.
  • The students are provided with some special weaponry, that is safe for humans but can assassinate Koro. Anti-sensei pistol and bullets, anti-sensei knives, a spear of heaven, a shield of earth, Shiro’s robes.
  • Students found Koro’s 40 different weaknesses. Spoiler alert!!! (With the course of time viewers come to know that his greatest weakness is the class 3E)
  • Nagisa Shiota, Karma Akabane, Kaede Kayano, Tadaemi Karasuma, Irina Jelavic are some important characters.
Korosensei from the Assassination Classroom

The list of Korosensei’s potentials is endless: –

  • Korosensei has colorings which act as protection. These colorings can be changed. He can use them for disguises. They also express Koro’s mood.
  • His mucus carries various aids such as waterproofing and cleansing.
  • His ability to control his body fluid helps him to change into slime.
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  • Korosensei has an absolute defense, he can shrink his body into a sphere and the remaining transformation energy hardens as a crystallized layer over this spherical body making him almost harm proof. But after 24 hours he will revert back.
  • He can blast energy laser.
  • Korosensei is able to shed his skin and use it as a protective membrane.
  • He can regenerate his tentacles.
  • The most used ability is superspeed.
  • In addition to these, he has superhuman reflexes, digestion, and senses.

Despite Koro being known to this “student killing teacher plot”, he continues to teach Class 3-E (which is very interesting to watch). Korosensei’s origin is unknown, but it is absolute that he is non-Japanese.

With his unorthodox and quirky teaching method, he eventually develops a soft spot in the student’s heart. Class 3-E, which is considered ‘Leftover’, will gain everyone’s respect with Koro’s help. They will keep growing and understanding each other.



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