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There is yet another good news for the fans of the Mobile suit Gundam franchise after a sensational announcement regarding the anime’s live-action movie adaptation on streaming service Netflix. Anime’s fans have been speculating a crossover between all-mighty Kong and humongous Gundam as the director from Kong: Skull Island, Jordan Vogt-Roberts would direct the live-action adaptation. Nonetheless, with the director’s background, there is no future for such collaboration. However, one such fan-art has caught Vogt-Robert’s attention.

You can check out the fan-art here:-

The art depicts a perfect blend of these two great universes where the ruler of Skull Island is armored with a mobile suit which is termed as ‘RX-78KK Prototype KonGundam’.

The live-action director has commented on artist Kuri Hiroshi’s work as follows:-

Kaiju fighting films have helped create a new movie universe which is better known as ‘Monsterverse’. However, the future of Legendary Picture’s Monsterverse is unclear with no further projects announced for any Kaiju. The recent Godzilla Vs Kong movie became a massive hit after its release earlier this year on HBO Max and theatres.

For now, it is clear that Netflix is definitely up for “giant monster business” with anime adaptation announced for Godzilla and Kong, Gundam live-action movie online, and Pacific Rim returning for 2nd season reboot. The streaming service is blessed with a great load of material from Kaiju world to choose from and adapt.

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