Gundam franchise

The Gundam Franchise has quite a history. The First Gundam series came in 1979. Numerous anime series, manga spin-offs brought numerous mobile suits(MS). Let us check out some of the most memorable and influential Gundam mobile suits from the franchise.

π  Turn X  (Concept-X 6-1-2)

Piloted by Gym Ghingham

Turn X Concept X 6 1 2

It is one of the most unusual looking suits out there, featuring an asymmetrical design. 

It is a close sibling to the turn-A Gundam MS but its combat skills are more than a match for its brother. It is unique for having its cockpit in the suit’s head known as X-Top, which can also function as an evacuation system. The ‘Power Drainer’ ascended on the chest can drain the energy of the suit. The Turn-X’s psycommu system grant it to easily detach body bits, make their use as separate weapons and launch all-range attacks. This dangerous foe has a weapon platform on his back, known as ‘Carapace’, which embraces bazooka, missile launcher, hand beam gun and rifle. The destruction manipulator can act as 8 mega particle canon. It resembles ninja which makes it more badass.

π Destiny Gundam (ZGMF-X42S) 

Piloted by Shimon Izuna

Destiny Gundam ZGMF X42S

It is furnished with the most advanced technologies of the time (including the banned ones). It has its hand in both closed and range combat. For close combat, it makes use of 2 beam boomerang, palm beam cannon, beam sword. For ranged combat, there are long-range beam cannon, beam rifle. A physical shield and shield generator are mounted for defence purposes. The structure is given near human flexibility so that it can bring out the best of its weaponry. Destiny Gundam MS can create illusionary versions of itself using the Voiture Lumiere propulsion system and mirage colloid. 

π Wing Gundam zero(XXXG-00W0)

Piloted by Yui

Wing Gundam zeroXXXG 00W0

It is well known for its ability to transform between a seeming starship to a straight-up flying Gundam doomsday machine. It has earned the name from its mechanical wings which is used to fly around at lightning speeds. Particularly notorious for its deadly twin buster rifle and beam saber abilities. The armaments are simple but are beyond effective. By far the most iconic Gundam created and a consistent fan favourite.

π Gundam Deathscythe (XXXG-01D)

Piloted by Duo Maxwell 

Gundam Deathscythe XXXG 01D

It was mailed to the Blue planet from space colonies. This hyper jammer equipped Gundam remains undetected from any electronics and attack the enemy swiftly and strikingly. It’s a prime weapon, beam scythe, is famous for destroying targets in a single sweep, just like a sinister grim reaper. The buster shield on the left arm can be used as a close-range weapon. Rosette equipment, a set of variable wings provide the Deathscythe with wing Gundam like abilities.

π God/Burning Gundam (GF13-017NJII)

Piloted by Domo Kasshu

God Burning Gundam GF13 017NJII

He excels in both long-distance and close combat fighting. The Vulcan guns mounted on his head are used to hinder opponents. The clavicle section comprises tri-barreled canon. He can perform Bakunetsu God Slash attack with the help of beam swords equipped on the armour. This suit possesses quite the arsenal. One of the most epic attacks is the Erupting God finger that launches stored energy out of its hand plunging it into and exploding its enemy. Piloting it with mobile trade unit, let the user’s moments be mimiced by Gundam. He can perform God Slash Typhoon.

π Devil/Dark Gundam (JDG-00X)

Dark Gundam JDG 00X

It is known as one of the most powerful and unique suites in the whole franchise. It is known for its abilities of self-evolution, self-recovery and self multiplication result of its construction being a blend of organic science and computer technology. It truly is the ultimate Gundam. 

π Strike Freedom Gundam

Piloted by Kira Tamayo

Strike Freedom Gundam

This is known as an epic flying Gundam MS. It is essentially an upgraded version of the Freedom Gundam. This death machine is known for its long-range capabilities. It is armed with beam cannons and rifles. Its relative lack of armour is compensated by terrific speed.


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